Get On The Grid

Available now! Grid view for listings results.


This attractive, modern design works on all devices and screen sizes. Just one setting in your Control Panel will enable the grid view throughout your site on:

  • Search results pages
  • Saved Search pages
  • Featured Listings pages

You can also change the number of results displayed per page, and show or hide the map.

Try it Out

It's easy! Learn how to enable the grid view option >>

WordPress Listing Galleries

Listing Galleries in Optima Express and OmniPress websites will use the display setting you select in your Control Panel.  If you choose, you can override the default setting for any individual Listing Gallery. Learn how >>

Optima Express Plugin Update

If you're using Optima Express, you'll need to update the Optima Express plugin to version 2.6.0 or higher to acess these new features.


Property Search City Selector


The city selector within your property search page allows users to quickly add and remove cities from their searches. This list is accessed by selecting "View All" next to the location field on the property search page (the city list is not included in search widgets). Here are some ways you can customize the city selector:


  • City List Format

    The "City" option will display city names. The "City, State" option will display city names followed by the state abbreviation. The "City, County Sorter" option will display city names organized by county.

  • Custom City List

    By default, all cities in your MLS will appear in the city selector on the search form. In order to have only certain cities display, you can switch the "Custom City List" setting to "ON" and select the cities to appear within the city selector.

To make any of these customizations, login to your IDX Control Panel and select SETUP > Search Settings > Search Cities.

Property Type Search Options


The property types within your property search form can be customized for your market or area of expertise. Here are the customizations you can make:


  • Exclude Property Types

    Choose what property types are available in your search form. For example, you might choose to include just the Commercial property search option if that is your specialization.

  • Change Property Type Names

    Change the names used for different property types within the search form.

    Example: "Townhouse" might be more suitable than "Condo" in your area.

  • Set Default Price Ranges

    Set default min/max price ranges for different property types.

To make any of these customizations, login to your IDX Control Panel and select SETUP > Search Settings > Property Types & Prices.


Feature Updates – February 2015

Keep reading below to learn more about these updates that were just released!

  • New Facebook app design
  • Shortcode option for adding Valuation Request forms
  • Search engine friendly "Listing Not Found" pages

New Facebook App Design

iHomefinder Facebook apps now use the same new design we recently introduced with our Responsive IDX. The new Facebook app design will be applied automatically when your Optima Express, OmniPress, or Optima IDX account is set to use the Responsive design option. If you haven't set up your Facebook apps, visit our Knowledge Base for instructions >>.

Facebook App Example


Shortcode Option for Adding Valuation Request Forms

The Responsive versions of Optima Express & OmniPress now offer a shortcode option for easily adding Valuation Request forms to any page or post:


Optima Express clients will need to update the Optima Express plugin to version 2.5.0 or higher.

Shortcodes are available for adding the complete content of other IDX pages as well. These are listed in the WP Shortcode Selector or visit our Knowledge Base for the complete list >>.

Search Engine Friendly "Listing Not Found" Pages

When a listing is removed from your MLS® System, a "Listing Not Found" page will now return a 404 error. This error is beneficial for your SEO as search engine crawlers will no longer attempt to index the page where the listing information was once found on your site. This happens automatically when using the Responsive versions of Optima Express, OmniPress, and Optima IDX.

Responsive OmniPress – Real Estate IDX Websites

Responsive OmniPress IDXiHomefinder is excited to announce the arrival of Responsive OmniPress - Real Estate IDX sites built in WordPress using responsive themes and IDX.

Create a beautiful, fully responsive real estate website in minutes - a website that's optimized for viewing on any screen. Provide one great search experience to all users and capture leads whether they're on a mobile device, a tablet or a laptop.

OmniPress takes the hassle out of setting up a WordPress real estate website: there's no need to worry about hosting, installing or updating. In a few simple steps you'll have a beautiful website with integrated IDX - a website that works on any device! View a demo site here or here.

Try it for yourself today - sign up for a free trial - choose your theme and build your Responsive OmniPress site right now.

Existing OmniPress clients can switch to responsive in seconds after logging into their WordPress dashboard and clicking the upgrade notice at the top.