Introducing Brian Barry of All East Bay Properties

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In 2005, Brian Barry, began working with Jason Crouch at All East Bay Properties. The company was just opening in Emeryville, California, right across the Bay from San Francisco, and Brian had the opportunity to work with them from the start, serving as the marketing and technology manager.

Now, with a team of only five, they are one of the top real estate offices in town, specializing in condominiums and rental properties.

In a typical year, they sell roughly 30 properties with a topline revenue of $20 million. They attribute their success to consistently drawing in new website visitors and repeat clients with their extensive local knowledge of the East Bay real estate market.

The Evolution of Brian’s Website Promotion

Brian’s team started by investing in social media marketing to complement their regular marketing techniques (such as sending postcards every 2-3 months and regular email marketing). Then, with his background in web design and some search engine optimization (SEO), Brian was able to help the agency rank first in the search results for the search query: “Emeryville real estate.”

Later, Google’s algorithm changed and their page dropped a few spots, so Brian began looking more into social media marketing. Brian was fairly new to social media, but he saw how it could add value to his real estate business.

Over the past few years, they have maintained a blog that is rich with infographics sourced, in part, from their local MLS. Each of these blog posts are heavily promoted on their social media channels.

Brian also created and launched a Facebook ad campaign. As a result, they have received more online exposure, facilitated online interactions, and further established themselves as a local real estate market leader. In fact, over the last few years, their Facebook followers have grown to 5,500.

Now, with solid website and social media traffic, he just needed something that would enhance his website with the same functionality as larger brokerages and destination sites. He chose iHomefinder and MarketBoost to provide these tools for his website.

Making the Move to iHomeFinder IDX’s MarketBoost

Brian and his team immediately improved their ability to manage their listings with iHomefinder’s responsive IDX. MarketBoost gave him an advantage in the area because it provided visitors with a wide range of information about sold and open property listings as well as price changes. They couldn’t provide visitors these services in the past, but this gave them a chance to develop deeper online engagement with their potential leads.

These tools turned his website into a significant source of leads, and the team capitalized on it by using the lead setting that requires registration after conducting two property searches. Brian can then offer those leads Market Reports via iHomefinder’s MarketBoost, which includes detailed information about the local market.

The All East Bay Properties’ team employs a unique method of reaching out to these potential clients by creating markets defined by the specific building rather than a geographic area. Clients love the hyper-local marketing and return to Brian’s website again and again as the detailed market reports provide insights not available from other brokerages.

Brian and his team created 12 markets, which will increase in the future. The current markets are all condominium complexes or rental properties where they have amassed a significant amount of local knowledge over the years.

Initial Results

With iHomefinder’s IDX on his website, Brian’s team was able to get more traffic to their site and generate more leads and repeat visitors.

Adding iHomefinder’s MarketBoost to their website provided significant value to the brokerage:

  1. Solidify their reputation and image as local real estate experts. Brian and his team have gained the trust of sellers, buyers, and landlords who turn to them to rent and manage their properties. With MarketBoost, they are well-positioned to build upon this trust by providing relevant content to their new and past clients.
  2. Provide a means to nurture leads. For years, sellers and buyers have leveraged the internet to gain market knowledge prior to engaging with real estate agents. Brian and his team leveraged the power of MarketBoost to ensure clients always received the desired information directly from them (instead of the big portals). This keeps them ‘Top-of-Mind’ when the client is ready to transact.
  3. Save valuable agent time. By providing insights from the local market to their potential clients, his agents can free up more of their time to interact with clients much closer to transacting.

Brian is very pleased with the detailed local market information available through MarketBoost. He has established All East Bay Properties as the local real estate experts, and this had led to their growth in both first-time clients and repeat customers.

Tips To Convert More Leads


Are you looking for ways to boost lead capture on your site? Here are some tips to attract your target audience and encourage more lead registrations.

Use Responsive Web Design

If you’re still using our fixed-width design, switch to our Responsive design to enable these key benefits:

  • Provide a great search experience on all devices
  • Show open contact forms next to listing details
  • Offer street address and listing ID search
  • Enable additional registration popups

Are you on fixed-width? Make the switch!

Optima Express plugin for WordPress | Switch to responsive >
Optima IDX for custom websites | Switch to responsive >

Enable Registration Prompts

  • Present registration prompts to your site visitors based on their actions.
    Learn how >
  • Use popups to encourage visitors to subscribe to listing email alerts for each search they perform.
    Learn how >
  • NEW! Add custom content to your registration prompts.
    Learn how >

  • Build Optimized Landing Pages

    Use landing pages to attract and engage your target audiences (areas of interest, price ranges, first time buyers, renters, sellers, etc.). These should support the needs and interests of each audience and encourage them to register for listing alert emails or MarketBoost Market reports.

    Drive Traffic

    SEO - Organic Traffic from Search Engines

    • Use keywords in your landing pages that match the search terms your target audience are likely to use in search engines.
    • Create blog posts that focus on your target keywords and link to your landing pages.
    • Add links to your landing pages in your site navigation.

    For more tips on SEO, check out our article SEO Tactics You Can Put To Use Immediately

    PPC - Paid Traffic

    Run ad campaigns with paid advertising services such as Google AdWords and Facebook. Use separate campaigns for each audience to focus on the appropriate keywords and landng pages on your site.

    If you'd rather leave online lead generation to us, learn how we can help you with Lead Generator.

Nurture Your Leads with MarketBoost

Lead Nurturing

With MarketBoost enabled in your iHomefinder account, you can deliver automated emails full of relevant listings and market stats that will help you close more business and keep you top of mind with past clients.

MarketBoost includes 3 kinds of email campaigns for each Market you create in your account:

Monthly market reports

Weekly open homes alerts

Daily new listings, price changes and solds

Get Started

Activate MarketBoost

If you don't already have MarketBoost in your account, you can activate it now and use it free for 30 days.

Learn how >

Create Markets

Your Markets provide the location information and criteria for MarketBoost reports and emails. If you already have Markets in your iHomefinder account, they can start sending MarketBoost email campaigns as soon as you add subscribers.

Learn how to create Markets | Watch video >

Get tips for creating Markets that keep your leads engaged | Watch video >

Add Subscribers

To start the emails, just add the email addresses of your leads and clients to the appropriate email campaigns in your Markets.

Monthly market report emails are a great choice for keeping in touch with past clients while all 3 types of emails are appropriate for your buyer and seller leads.

Learn how to add subscribers | Watch video >

That's it!

Don't forget that MarketBoost also provides website report pages for each of your Markets. You can enhance your website and encourage more email subscriptions by making these pages easy to find on your website.

Promoting your MarketBoost markets | Watch video >

Use shortcode to add Market reports to pages and posts | Watch video >

Add a Market Navigation Menu | Watch video >


Broker Enterprise License Announcement

Real Estate Broker Solutions

Helping Brokers Scale Their Business

Are you looking for cost-effective ways to boost agent retention? iHomefinder's Broker Enterprise License can keep your agents focused on selling real estate while helping your I.T. staff reduce time spent managing agent technology.

Our goal is to help brokers recruit and retain top agents, create a consistent brand experience across broker and agent websites, and increase lead conversions.

Here’s what’s included!

Agent Websites with Broker Administration Portal.

With professional websites that are easy to setup and configure, brokerages will be well-positioned to offer agents cost-effective websites that increase agent retention and ensure a consistent brand experience across broker and agent websites.  With the Broker Administration Portal, the I.T. manager can streamline deployment and management of agent websites across the brokerage.

Portal-quality experiences with the Broker Website 

By offering site visitors gorgeous design with friendly search, you’ll create an engaging experience that will keep them coming back again and again.  In addition, you’ll have the power to manage agent logins, agent bio pages, and the complete agent roster.

Control of Agent Lead Flow with Lead Routing

After clients schedule a showing or request to see new inventory, they expect a fast, courteous response from an agent that understands their needs.  Lead Routing enables prioritization of leads, deployment of “idle-lead” routing, or simply assignment of leads to agents with the experience needed to create a phenomenal client experience.

 Contact us today and we’ll help you get started!

“Sell My Home” Widget

Generate more seller leads on your site by adding this simple valuation request form anywhere widgets are supported on your site!

Engage Seller Leads

After the valuation form is submitted, each lead sees a list of sold properties that match the postal code and number of beds/baths they entered in the valuation form. Active listings matching the postal code and number of beds/baths will be shown instead if sold listings are unavailable in the MLS® System or if sold listings are set to not display.

Flexible Form Styles

Two form styles are available which are shown below:

Vertical Style


Twoline Style


How to add the widget

Select your product below to get steps for adding the "Sell My Home" widget to your site:
Optima Express - Plugin for WordPress
Optima IDX - IDX for custom websites
OmniPress - Hosted websites with IDX

Photo First Layout

This beautiful new page design is now available for property details pages! The new design includes property specifics, an on-page info request form and dramatically showcases properties via large photos, when available from your MLS® System.

Select your product below to learn about availability in your MLS® System and how to enable this option in your account:
Optima Express - Plugin for WordPress
Optima IDX - IDX for custom websites
OmniPress - Hosted websites with IDX


Text Notifications


Email + Text

You can now receive text messages when leads take the following actions on your website:

  • Listing "More Info" request
  • Contact request
  • Showing request
  • Valuation request

When enabled, these messages are sent in addition to the email notifications already sent by your account for these events.

Access Lead History Instantly

Each message includes a link to your lead management system where you can access all of the lead's activity since their first visit.


How to Enable Text Messages

  1. Log into your Control Panel | Learn how >
  2. Go to SETUP > Alert & Email Settings > Basic Settings
  3. Enter your mobile phone number in the Main Company Mobile Number field. Use the number of the phone on which you would like to receive text messages.
  4. Select "Yes" next to "Receive lead notifications via text message?"
  5. Save your changes

Best Real Estate Plugin for WordPress

Real Estate Plugins











MarketBoost Named One of The Best Real Estate Plugins for WordPress  

Recently,, a website that specializes in delivering WordPress news, themes, plugins, tutorials, and more, listed the iHomefinder Optima Express and MarketBoost IDX plugin as one of the best real estate plugins available for WordPress.

The website published an article that detailed a selection of “the most impressive and feature-rich plugins that will help you upgrade your real estate website.”
MarketBoost IDX was recognized for the ease in which agents can include property listings, market reports, and MLS data on their WordPress websites.
At iHomefinder, we’re proud to have been included on this list and continue to work on ways to live up to this kind of recognition.

According to WPExplorer, this IDX plugin is “an impressive solution for the serious real estate websites out there.”
They went on to say that it features some “great options that will not only make your life a lot easier but will have a noticeable impact on your business,” and that “for serious projects, it could be just what you need.”

There are several features and tools that WPExplorer listed as part of the reason MarketBoost was chosen for the list.

On top of the listings, market reports, and MLS data, this plugin also has:

• SEO-friendly options that help agents get listed on search engines
• Proven lead capture abilities
• A fully responsive design that allows users to access important information on their computer or on their favorite handheld device
• An interactive map to make searching specific locations much easier
• A simple way for agents to add listing galleries to pages, posts, and sidebars to show off featured properties
• Intuitive property search features
• Multiple lead capture features so agents can follow-through and use everything from email alerts to contact and registration forms

WPExplorer has been covering WordPress news, themes, and plugins for a very long time, and at iHomefinder we’re excited to be included on their list of the best real estate plugins.