6 Items Every Real Estate Website Should Have

Creating a real estate website that offers a good customer experience can do a lot of things for your business. It can instil trust in your clients and potential clients by offering a professional look and feel. It can also help convert leads by offering quality and useful information.

Whether you're a new realtor in the beginning stages of development, or a seasoned realtor that has had a website for years, there are several things you should keep in mind when developing your site. In the graphic below, we list six elements that every real estate site should have to offer a great customer experience.

Internal Web Items Infographic

Announcing IDX Event Tracking

Leads button pointing  high position with two fingers, blue and grey tones, Conceptual image for increasing sales lead.

With access to the right data, you can maximize your ad spend and optimize your site to convert more visitors to leads.

iHomefinder's IDX Event Tracking takes the IDX activity on your site out of the "black box" and puts it alongside all your other important website analytics.

With IDX Event Tracking, you can answer important questions such as:

  • How effective are your PPC campaigns in bringing new leads?
  • Which IDX features are used the most on your site?
  • How many times has a specific listing been viewed?
  • What search keywords originally brought your registered leads to your site?
  • Which of your campaign efforts are converting the most leads?

Get Started Today!

It's easy to start taking advantage of IDX Event Tracking! Select the link below for your account to get started.

Click here if you use Optima Express >>

Click here if you use Optima IDX >>

Announcing Consumer Polygon Search

What if your site visitors could draw a map to see available listings in their drawn area? How about empowering them to receive email alerts for new listings within this area? Now they can with Polygon Search!

The new "Draw on Map" search option is available now in Power, Gold and Broker plans. When enabled, a tab labeled "Draw on Map" will be displayed next to the "Location" tab in the Basic and Advanced search pages and in the Email Alerts signup form.


Learn how to add it to your site today!

Our Knowledgebase article will walk you through setting up this feature on your website.
Learn how >>

Get On The Grid

Available now! Grid view for listings results.


This attractive, modern design works on all devices and screen sizes. Just one setting in your Control Panel will enable the grid view throughout your site on:

  • Search results pages
  • Saved Search pages
  • Featured Listings pages

You can also change the number of results displayed per page, and show or hide the map.

Try it Out

It's easy! Learn how to enable the grid view option >>

WordPress Listing Galleries

Listing Galleries in Optima Express and OmniPress websites will use the display setting you select in your Control Panel.  If you choose, you can override the default setting for any individual Listing Gallery. Learn how >>

Optima Express Plugin Update

If you're using Optima Express, you'll need to update the Optima Express plugin to version 2.6.0 or higher to acess these new features.


Property Search City Selector


The city selector within your property search page allows users to quickly add and remove cities from their searches. This list is accessed by selecting "View All" next to the location field on the property search page (the city list is not included in search widgets). Here are some ways you can customize the city selector:


  • City List Format

    The "City" option will display city names. The "City, State" option will display city names followed by the state abbreviation. The "City, County Sorter" option will display city names organized by county.

  • Custom City List

    By default, all cities in your MLS will appear in the city selector on the search form. In order to have only certain cities display, you can switch the "Custom City List" setting to "ON" and select the cities to appear within the city selector.

To make any of these customizations, login to your IDX Control Panel and select SETUP > Search Settings > Search Cities.