3 Winning Strategies for Real Estate Agents on Facebook for 2018!

3 Winning Strategies for Real Estate Agents on Facebook for 2018 | iHomefinder

Updated for 2018

Social media can help your agent team generate more leads and keep you top-of-mind until buyers and sellers are ready for a transaction. Facebook, in particular, can help you achieve some great results by using some effective strategies to build a community and become the local real estate authorities.

Here are some key strategies for Facebook that will help make your efforts more productive:

1. Be creative. You can do more than just post listings.

If you were not a real estate agent, and just about to buy or sell your first home, what would you like to see? Would you be satisfied with home listings, or would you prefer things like design inspiration, industry news, and home repair guides

Deciding to buy or sell a home is a big step, and they are looking for anything that gets them excited about the experience.

Get creative with your posts. Share relevant articles about buying or decorating a home. Share some inspiring images and videos. You can establish your Facebook page as a community where people want to interact with you and share their own stories.

2. Be informative, but don’t brag.

Real estate buyers and sellers have some very serious questions (about the market, about certain locations, and about your agent team), and this is a great forum to prove that you have the answers.

So, go ahead and post things on Facebook that show off your experience and knowledge, but don’t make it look like you’re bragging about yourself. That’s not the kind of agent most new homebuyers want to work with.

It’s a fine line to walk because agents often think they’re just being a good salesperson or trying to be excited about real estate. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to cross the line and create the wrong first impression.

The key is to humanize yourself. Ask questions and share relevant experiences while still maintaining a professional, knowledgeable tone. When you tell your honest story, your readers will start to feel like they know you and that your more than just an agent on the hunt for any new lead.

Make no mistake, this kind of posting strategy may take a little extra time and thought, but it significantly increases the chances that people will engage with you on your Facebook page.

3. Commit to posting often (at least 3-5 times a week).

Facebook’s algorithm for sharing posts is a tricky thing, and there’s a chance your followers might not even see your latest posts. One way to counter this is through consistency. If you provide new and unique posts at least 3-5 times per week it will increase the number of opportunities for your followers to see the relevant content they need.

This, in turn, can increase their confidence that you’ve got your head in the game because buyers and sellers are on Facebook every day, and they want to know their agent has joined the party.

These three Facebook strategies for real estate agent teams can take some time and effort to get just right, but the potential benefits from more visibility and more engagement will be worth it. Then, you can use your page to interact with more people and turn a Facebook contact into a real lead.

Looking for more Facebook resources for REALTORS? Check out the Field Guide to Facebook for REALTORS® from the National Association of REALTORS®

What is CRM and Why Should You Use ONE as a Real Estate Agent

What is a CRM and Why You Should be Using One as a Real Estate Agent | iHomefinderCustomer relationship management (CRM) offers busy agents the ability to stay atop of their busy schedules by leveraging automated communications.  It can be put to task at any and every stage of the customer relationship, from the time the lead was first generated until the sale has finally closed and even beyond.

When CRM is used as an integral part of a company’s processes, agent teams and brokers can focus more on the relationships with their customers and base their activities and decisions on a full analysis of the data generated from all of their interactions.

This empowers agents to easily work in accordance with the processes you’ve defined and follow the action plans that lead to success.

CRM for Real Estate – Why It’s So Important

A wide range of industries and businesses put CRM to good use, so why is it particularly important in the real estate industry?

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions many people will ever make, and they’re not going to treat it lightly. Throughout this process, many people will be indecisive, many will be extraordinarily picky, and some will use any excuse at all to put off the final decision because it’s just so big.

In other words, the process isn’t a fast one. It could take months before they’re finally ready to make this decision. You need to stay “top of mind” as they work through it.

More than that, you need to make sure you don’t lose track of these leads throughout the process. You can’t let anyone slip through the cracks.

Introducing iHomefinder’s ONE

Real estate agents can use iHomefinder ONE, a sales and marketing platform including CRM features, to keep all customer data in a single location and manage your leads more effectively. This includes the ability to identify and categorize leads by budget, location, and other characteristics. You can also route those leads to the right team members when those customers are ready to take the next step.

You can take this information and begin to truly understand what your customers want. You can see what price ranges they prefer, the locations they find desirable, their search history, viewed listings, and more.

You can analyze the buyer’s interest level, their closure target date, and several other factors, and use this information to provide better customer service. The kind of service that modern homebuyers expect.

Why You Should Explore ONE

ONE's CRM was developed to manage the issues that real estate agents face every day. We want to be the CRM of record for you, so you can manage all your leads and the entire business from ONE system.

With ONE CRM, you can manage your business, manage your leads, and manage your team. Here’s how:

  1. Use business dashboards, lead source analysis, and transaction pipeline management to manage your business.
  • You can know the status of every lead and every deal with instant insight into the business.
  • Track closed business and get a high-level overview of the current activities to make sure you are meeting your goals.
  • Track the lead flow and understand how they are working, how they are nurtured, and how agents are moving toward transactions.
  • Optimize your marketing strategy based on lead source analysis and plan your growth path.
  1. Use automated follow-ups, drip email campaigns, and IDX activity tracking to manage your leads.
  • Automatically import leads from over 25 sources on top of those from your own site.
  • Automate follow-ups with drip marketing, listing email alerts, market reports so you can keep the flow of information moving toward potential homebuyers.
  • Stay connected with your client database by tracking contact activity, making call notes, and scheduling tasks and appointments.
  • Inform all your conversations with real-time IDX activity, including the viewed listings, price ranges, and locations.
  1. Employ actions plans, task management strategies, team calendars, and an accountability dashboard to manage your team.
  • Incorporate your tried-and-true workflows to consistently close business and keep everyone on track.
  • Create action plans so you can set your processes for success in stone.
  • Drive team performance by tracking how they use the CRM. Are they qualifying leads? Are they applying the action plan correctly? Are they apply the tasks in the action plans and closing those tasks?
  • Control the lead flow to the team, and make sure those who are effectively following up on leads get the support they deserve.

Go Beyond the Data

A real estate CRM should do more than just present data to you. It needs to help you increase productivity and profitability.

It should ensure that your prospects get the attention they need and expect.

ONE is designed to support your efforts in all these areas. You can make sure that your customers get the right information at the right time, so they stay engaged with you until they are ready to make a final decision.

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There are a lot of incredible ways that CRM can benefit your real estate business. Get in touch with us today to discover all the possibilities.

See What Sets the iHomefinder ONE’s CRM Apart from the Rest

iHomefinder's ONE CRM What Sets Us Apart from the Rest | iHomefinderThere is a lot of variation within the real estate industry, and how one agent or brokerage closes a sale may be very different from another. This can make it difficult for some real estate professionals to find a CRM that can do everything they need.

Does the company work with residential or commercial real estate? Do you focus on sales or rentals? Condos or developments? Does the agent team sell luxury homes or stick with more affordable options?

All of these elements can change what an agent needs in a CRM feature set.

Why Do Real Estate Agents Need a CRM?

Real estate can be a challenging business – even in the best of times. On any given day, you may have to deal with online and social media promotions, verify closing documents, meet with some appraisers, coordinate with contractors, answer inquiries, vet buyers and much, much more.

Where do you even start when there’s so much to do?

Over the years, we’ve heard from agents all around the country, and they’ve talked to us about several issues that they want to address with a CRM. The most common things we hear include:

  1. “I have a unique process for managing sellers that all my agents need to understand and follow.”

Team leads want a well-defined process that all their agents can learn and implement on every transaction. They need an effective way to determine whether or not people are actually following this process, and they need to keep agents on track with these tried-and-true processes.

  1. “I really don’t want any clients to see for-sale properties on my site that have already sold.”

When potential clients arrive on a website and find an outdated listing, they may automatically assume that there are many more just like it and start looking at other “more up-to-date” websites. This is simply something that shouldn’t happen, which is why agents need listings that are updated from the MLS data sources within a couple hours (if not faster).

  1. “I have hundreds of potential clients but no time to reach them all.”

This may sound like a great problem to have, but the truth is it could be detrimental if your potential customers begin to feel neglected. It’s critical that you reach out to all these clients through automated follow-ups to provide more information and start the conversation.

A Product Developed to Meet These Needs

iHomefinder ONE’s CRM was created to manage the specific issues that real estate agents face. ONE gives agents the tools they need to run the entire business. It works for top-producing agents, agent teams, and well-established brokerages.

iHomefinder ONE is the place to:

Manage your business – Use business dashboards, lead source analysis, and transaction pipeline management to know the status of every lead and every deal. You will be able to get a high-level overview of the business, so you can track closed deals, analyze the lead sources, and plan your growth path.

Manage your leads – Use automated follow-ups, drip email campaigns, and IDX activity tracking to nurture your relationships with prospects and previous clients. You can use these tools to reach out to your potential clients, no matter how many prospects you have. Stay connected to your client database by providing market reports, email alerts, and more. You can even inform these burgeoning conversations with real-time IDX activity, which includes viewed listings, price ranges, and locations.

Manage your team – Employ action plans, task management processes, team calendars, accountability dashboards, and lead aggregation and routing tools to develop workflows that close more business. These tools work effectively with established teams or when you’re just getting ready to start a new team. You can drive performance, control the lead flow to the team, and keep everyone on track and moving forward.

Real estate selling is all about relationships. Relationship management software, then, should provide everything you need to establish and nurture your leads and develop the kinds of relationships that lead to sales.

Free Consultation

You can try the CRM component of iHomefinder ONE for yourself. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how to tie ONE into your real estate business.

Using ONE to Automate Lead Nurturing

Using ONE to Automate Lead Nurturing | iHomefinder

As a real estate agent, you may have noticed that there never seems to be quite enough hours in the day. We all feel like that sometimes, but when you start to feel that pressure every day, it may be time to find a solution that will let you deliver on your customers’ expectations and convert more leads with less work.

You can get the most out of every lead through the consistency and reliability of automating certain aspects of your business.

Buying a home is a long sales cycle and a lot can happen between the initial forays into the market and finally closing the sale. You need to be there consistently for your client over a significant period of time, despite all the new leads still coming in and the demands of others as they progress through the sales funnel.

A Simple Process for Significant Gains

iHomefinder ONE can automatically categorize your leads by specific characteristics, which may include things like locations, budget, or even how they found you.

Once this is done, you can consistently and reliably send emails to your leads that address their needs, while positioning yourself as the local expert who clearly has the experience and knowledge that they can rely on.

Perhaps more importantly, you can avoid letting those leads linger in limbo.

Automating your processes can ensure that these leads immediately go into the right category without getting lost in the shuffle.

Automation Does NOT Mean Impersonal

Some brokerages avoid automation because they are concerned they will lose the “personal touch” that they are known for. The truth, however, is that instead of making things seem impersonal, automation allows you to start engaging prospects immediately.

Automation ensures that you are always there for your leads throughout the entire buying process. It also makes it possible for you to deliver customized, useful communications to every lead.

You may not be able to automate everything, but you can streamline certain aspects of your marketing to stay involved with clients who may not be too far along the sales process. This, in turn, means you’ll have more time to deal directly with those leads who are closer to making a big decision.

So, what, exactly should you start automating? Consider the following:

  1.  Email Sequences (Drip Email)

You can use the data gained from website behavior to ensure that your emails address their specific needs.

This is simple to set up in iHomefinder ONE, and you can automatically send simple and personal messages tailored to help start the right conversation at the right time.

In other words, you can customize your drip email campaign to incorporate your tried-and-true action plans, always highlighting the value and benefit that you provide.

This is a simple and effective way to automatically keep your business in their mind, without generating a lot of extra work for the rest of your team.

  1.  Lead Follow-Up

A great landing page can capture a lot of leads, but many agencies aren’t quite prepared to act on every single one of them.

At first, you may be excited about all these leads piling up, but if they don’t receive a response quickly enough, they aren’t going to stick around very long.

iHomefinder ONE allows you to automatically follow up with each and every lead in several different ways, including:

  • Sending an email to help them understand the next steps toward homeownership.
  • Sharing new listings that match their budget or location requirements.
  • Thanking them for their interest and making sure they have your contact information.

Just remember, this is about more than making contact. It’s about creating value for them by automatically sending them information that they can act on.

  1.  Lead Routing

Making sure the right agents get the right leads is a critical part of managing an agent team or brokerage. If someone is better at managing leads at different stages of the sales funnel, you can make sure those leads automatically go to them. Or, if someone is a specialist in a certain area in the city or knows how to sell certain types of properties, they need to get those leads.

Lead routing is also critical when you’re running special promotions or targeting specific budgets/homebuyers. You don’t have to take the time to manually send those leads to specific agents. You can set the parameters and make sure it happens automatically.

Using Automation to Earn More and Work Less

When we say: “work less” we really mean work less on certain aspects of the business, like marketing and manually addressing every lead you receive.

Automation frees you from many of those time-consuming manual tasks, so you can work on developing your team and building real relationships with prospects who are ready to make some important decisions.

Free Consultation

Are you ready to discover how you can start automating these elements of your business? Contact us today to see how easy it is.

7 Ways a CRM Can Increase Your Sales

7 Ways a CRM can Increase Your Sales | iHomefinderThere are many ways that customer relationship management (CRM) systems can increase your sales. From better insights into your business to a more detailed understanding of your clients’ needs, you can take advantage of all these opportunities to grow your business.

1. Get instant insight into your business

ONE CRM will show you exactly how every lead is being managed towards closing. This is a simple and effective way to make sure you are meeting your goals, analyze your lead sources to optimize your marketing strategy and get a high-level overview of the business.

2. Lead nurturing and acquisition is simplified

You can identify and categorize your leads by budget, location, and other important characteristics. This kind of information helps you understand what your customers really want, which means you can deliver better customers service.

ONE automatically imports leads from more than 25 lead sources. From there, all the leads from your site will automatically show up in your control panel ensuring everything is in the same location, just waiting for you to take action.

3. Effectively manage agents and clients

ONE CRM allows you to create action plans that lead to successful closings. Team leads can institute a well-defined process that all agents can follow. More than that, managers can keep their agents on track with these proven processes and make sure they’re following it to the letter.

ONE makes it easy to install your own workflows for closing business, and you can even control the level of access agents have to the system (since many managers prefer not to make all things visible to all people on the team).

4. Help agents manage their deal flows

Transaction pipeline management is critical for your agents to succeed. ONE CRM lets you consolidate all your leads in one place and improve your ability to sort, search, qualify, and route leads. This way you can make sure the right agents get the right leads and keep the entire team moving forward.

5. Automate follow-ups and provide more information based on the prospect’s actual needs

Don’t let any opportunities fall through the cracks. You have the ability to set up a range of automated follow-ups to ensure that every lead gets the attention they require. You can get insights from property searches and user activity on your site and make sure that these potential clients are effectively engaged. As this process continues, you can nurture those relationships throughout the entire buying process.

6. Optimize your marketing strategy

Lead source analysis tools can help you identify the most profitable leads, where they come from, and what they’re after. This makes it easier to develop a marketing strategy that is fully optimized to reach the prospective clients who are closer to making that important final decision.

7. Integrate with your IDX and bolster your brand

First impressions are huge in the real estate industry. If someone arrives on your website and discovers properties that have already sold, for example, they’ll immediately assume that everything else on your site is out of date.

ONE CRM works with other tools to create a better experience for your potential customers. An optimized IDX website will update listings from MLS data sources within a couple hours (if not faster), so your customers don’t have to see outdated information.

You can combine this level of user experience with ONE CRM tools to deliver information about homes, prices, and locations that match their needs and start building your image as the local authority.

Start Increasing Your Sales

ONE's CRM is designed to help you improve customer service, satisfaction, and retention. You can generate new business, nurture relationships, and build an effective agent team.

Our customer relationship management system makes it possible to increase your sales through these seven simple methods. Give your team the tools they need to succeed and start experiencing these benefits for yourself.

Contact us today to learn more about ONE and how it can make you and your team more effective.

How YourOrlando.com Uses the Latest Tech to Deliver a Better Experience

YourOrlando.com Client Success Story | iHomefinderThe YourOrlando.com team at RE/MAX Prime Properties is a group of top real estate agents serving the Orlando, Florida area. Phil Coffaro has been the agent lead here for more than 15 years and is currently the team leader 5 agents (2 listing agents and 3 buyer agents) with a number of overflow agents at the ready if things get too busy.

Phil has always been tech-savvy, so, when the internet was still relatively young, he saw a huge opportunity there, and guided his team in that direction rather than sticking with traditional forms of real estate marketing.

In all that time, Phil has seen a lot of trends come and go, but what has always set his team apart is their commitment to staying on the cutting edge of real estate technology.

Establishing an Online Reputation in the Orlando Market

This decision to focus on the online marketplace really defined what the agency would become.

They had purchased a number of usable domain names and soon found that YourOrlando.com was the one that really worked for them. It wasn’t much longer until they became something of an authority site for Orlando.

After the website launched, it absolutely took off and forced the agency to staff for the demand.

With their position in the market established, the question is how to scale up further without increasing the time required to manage more agents. This is one of the reasons they began looking into iHomefinder’s ONE.

Making the Shift to ONE

The focus on cutting-edge tools and strategies has helped Phil and the YourOrlando.com team systemize all of their processes and provide a consistent experience for buyers, sellers, and agents. As they shifted onto the iHomefinder ONE platform, they’ve begun to see increased value in a number of areas.

  1. Manage the business

Phil has been able to implement business dashboards and transaction pipeline management tools to ensure that every member of his team is able to visualize where every lead is and determine where leads are in the sales funnel. They can quickly and easily promote prospects and leads to different levels or demote them as necessary.

Previously, much of this information was shared through spreadsheets on Google Docs, but now the information can be centralized and shared with the right agents.

  1. Manage the leads

YourOrlando.com has such a long history on the internet that they now have a few databases with upwards of 26,000 people in them, and new leads entering the system all the time. They needed a way to keep track of all the people currently in the sales funnel while ensuring they didn’t lose contact with anyone else.

Phil is now able to use automated follow-ups when necessary and switch from a third-party email system to a fully integrated drip email campaign.

  1. Manage the team

For years, the team at YourOrlando.com relied heavily on a system of checklists. These checklists were used to ensure everything was getting done correctly, from every open house to meeting with every homebuyer. Whatever the situation, they had a checklist for it.

The idea of these checklists was to maximize agent performance and customer experience, but too many checklists could overcomplicate the process.

The Action Plans within iHomefinder ONE allows Phil and his team to switch away from those checklists and use a more integrated system. These Action Plans make it easy to create a step-by-step guide for the entire agent team, making it possible to deliver a consistent experience and bolster that kind of customer-centric brand.

YourOrlando.com has discovered many ways to simplify their business and make it more scalable. ONE has made it possible for both veterans and new agents to deliver the same consistent level of quality service that their buyers expect.

The Future with iHomefinder

YourOrlando.com was looking for a one-stop solution for everything related to managing their business and their web presence. Using ONE, they have started walking their leads through the entire sales funnel and discovering all the options that this platform offers along the way.

The next step is to fully move away from decentralized spreadsheets and third-party email marketing platforms and start taking advantage of intuitive action plans, automated marketing processes, detailed business dashboards.

They’re not looking to change what they do – since those methods have been proven over the last 15 years – but they are going to change how they do it.

As a team leader who has quickly adapted to the latest technological solutions, Phil has been pleased with the tools available on iHomefinder ONE and how it will help them remain the authority site for Orlando.

Discover how you can scale and grow your own agent team with iHomefinder ONE.