How Uses the Latest Tech to Deliver a Better Experience Client Success Story | iHomefinderThe team at RE/MAX Prime Properties is a group of top real estate agents serving the Orlando, Florida area. Phil Coffaro has been the agent lead here for more than 15 years and is currently the team leader 5 agents (2 listing agents and 3 buyer agents) with a number of overflow agents at the ready if things get too busy.

Phil has always been tech-savvy, so, when the internet was still relatively young, he saw a huge opportunity there, and guided his team in that direction rather than sticking with traditional forms of real estate marketing.

In all that time, Phil has seen a lot of trends come and go, but what has always set his team apart is their commitment to staying on the cutting edge of real estate technology.

Establishing an Online Reputation in the Orlando Market

This decision to focus on the online marketplace really defined what the agency would become.

They had purchased a number of usable domain names and soon found that was the one that really worked for them. It wasn’t much longer until they became something of an authority site for Orlando.

After the website launched, it absolutely took off and forced the agency to staff for the demand.

With their position in the market established, the question is how to scale up further without increasing the time required to manage more agents. This is one of the reasons they began looking into iHomefinder’s ONE.

Making the Shift to ONE

The focus on cutting-edge tools and strategies has helped Phil and the team systemize all of their processes and provide a consistent experience for buyers, sellers, and agents. As they shifted onto the iHomefinder ONE platform, they’ve begun to see increased value in a number of areas.

  1. Manage the business

Phil has been able to implement business dashboards and transaction pipeline management tools to ensure that every member of his team is able to visualize where every lead is and determine where leads are in the sales funnel. They can quickly and easily promote prospects and leads to different levels or demote them as necessary.


Previously, much of this information was shared through spreadsheets on Google Docs, but now the information can be centralized and shared with the right agents.


  1. Manage the leads has such a long history on the internet that they now have a few databases with upwards of 26,000 people in them, and new leads entering the system all the time. They needed a way to keep track of all the people currently in the sales funnel while ensuring they didn’t lose contact with anyone else.


Phil is now able to use automated follow-ups when necessary and switch from a third-party email system to a fully integrated drip email campaign.


  1. Manage the team

For years, the team at relied heavily on a system of checklists. These checklists were used to ensure everything was getting done correctly, from every open house to meeting with every homebuyer. Whatever the situation, they had a checklist for it.


The idea of these checklists was to maximize agent performance and customer experience, but too many checklists could overcomplicate the process.


The Action Plans within iHomefinder ONE allows Phil and his team to switch away from those checklists and use a more integrated system. These Action Plans make it easy to create a step-by-step guide for the entire agent team, making it possible to deliver a consistent experience and bolster that kind of customer-centric brand. has discovered many ways to simplify their business and make it more scalable. ONE has made it possible for both veterans and new agents to deliver the same consistent level of quality service that their buyers expect.

The Future with iHomefinder was looking for a one-stop solution for everything related to managing their business and their web presence. Using ONE, they have started walking their leads through the entire sales funnel and discovering all the options that this platform offers along the way.

The next step is to fully move away from decentralized spreadsheets and third-party email marketing platforms and start taking advantage of intuitive action plans, automated marketing processes, detailed business dashboards.

They’re not looking to change what they do – since those methods have been proven over the last 15 years – but they are going to change how they do it.

As a team leader who has quickly adapted to the latest technological solutions, Phil has been pleased with the tools available on iHomefinder ONE and how it will help them remain the authority site for Orlando.

Discover how you can scale and grow your own agent team with iHomefinder ONE.

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