Please check your automated paperwork manager in your Partner Portal first. A "Paperwork Manager' link is available in your Partner Panel on the left hand navigation bar. Once inside the paperwork manager, search for your client, and view the audit trail. If this doesn't provide enough information or your board is not on the automated system you can send an e-mail to [email protected]. The subject line of your e-mail should resemble "Paperwork status" or "Approval status". Please include the client ID in your e-mail, as well.
After logging into the Partner Panel select 'System Links' From the left hand navigation menu. Enter your client's ID (CID) in the input box, and click 'Go'. The resulting page contains the full array of iHomefinder tools available to your client.
Log in to your partner portal. On the left hand Navigation menu, select 'Agent/Listing Search'. On the resulting page you must choose the radio button to search for either the Listing Number, Agent Name, Office Name, Agent ID, or Office ID. Next, select the MLS board you want to search from the drop down menu, located just below the radio buttons. Performing a search in this section results in a list of active properties (white/grey background) and recently inactivated properties (red background). Each listing should include the Office ID, Agent ID, and Listing number, in addition to whether the listing is active or inactive (the latter indicated by color).
Yes, you can create a demo account for your own use. We have a demo board you can add to your account for all of your MLS testing purposes. This board should be clearly labelled "DEMO" and is board id 13 in our system. If you add this board, you can use the following Agent IDs 111123, 111122, 111121 or Office IDs 222222, 222223, 222228 to populate your featured properties page. Additionally, be sure to mark the account as a demo account in the options section, and place it into pending status.  
Click here or go to  You'll be prompted to enter your Username and Password.  If you have forgotten, your username and/or password, contact Technical Support.  
You can change your Client Admin login information at any time. Select Change Password from the Account Setup menu in the Control Panel and modify your information as needed.
From the Account Login page you can link to our Forgot Your Password? page. Enter your Client ID and submit the form. Your username and password will be emailed to the main contact email address. After you submit the page the email address where the information will be sent is displayed for your information.
You will need your username, password, and Client ID number to log in to your Client Control Panel site. The login page can be accessed in any of the following ways: • Go to and click the Client Login in the upper right hand corner of the website or click here. • Go to the Search page of your own web site and click the IDX Admin Login link below the iHomefinder logo at the bottom of the page. There is also a link to the Agent login. • We can supply a piece of code to your web designer so that a link to the login page can be placed anywhere on your web site or intranet.