You are probably set to receive a CC of every e-mail update we send to your subscriber. The most basic choice for receiving e-mail updates is whether you wish to receive a summary versus a copy of every single e-mail. Many of our clients find the single copy setting overwhelms their inbox, so they prefer a summary of the daily activity. You can filter which specific e-mails you would like to receive copies of in the 'Advanced Routing' section. First login to your client admin control panel. After logging in, hover your mouse over the 'Account Setup' link on the top Navigation bar. From the resulting drop down menu, select 'Email Setup'. This will produce a page with a row of tabs at the top. From that row of tabs select 'Advanced Routing'. You can select which e-mails you would like to receive, and in this section.
If you or your client stopped receiving e-mail updates your spam filter is the most likely the reason. Try white listing the address [email protected], or any other account you receive e-mails from. If whitelisting [email protected] does not work, try whitelisting the mail server at IP address (129222-
Your site may use a framed solution to access the iHomefinder tool. Our e-mail updates link directly to the iHomefinder tool by default. If you would like the e-mail update links to open in a fully framed page, then you must take the following steps:
  • Log in to your iHomefinder Control Panel
  • Hover your mouse over 'Account Setup'
  • From the drop down menu select 'Design/Branding Setup'
  • Select the 'Page Specific' tab on the resulting page.
  • From the red link list on the left hand side of the page, select 'Frame Set Code'
  • In the header of this section you need to input the Frameset or iFrame code that defines the basic branding of your site
  • Then, for the actual frame you wish the iHomefinder tool to appear in, you must replace the src attribute with 'FrameIncludeHere'
So, for example, the iFrame might look like <iframe src="FrameIncludeHere">. This should send links through your default framed branding and then open the actual e-mail update link in the specified frame of your choosing.
You must have your FRAMESET code (or <iframe> code) entered correctly in the Design/Branding section of your Admin site. Your site must also have been initially set up by iHomefinder or your web designer to use Frames.
Subscribers can elect to receive email updates in Plain Text or HTML format. You can configure the heading information for both format types, but only the HTML format will include graphics and photos. This header and footer information is configured from the Email Update Settings section or the Design/Branding section of your Admin site.
It is possible that the search criteria entered by the subscriber is too narrow. Use Subscriber Management to check the subscriber's saved search to see if it would logically provide listings within the area they have specified. If the search is too specific, you can modify the search and widen the search criteria.
Run an Email Update Report or view your Manage Subscribers list. Also, if “cc email updates” is enabled, then copies of the updates or a daily summary of all updates will be sent to the address configured on the Contact Information page of your Admin site.