You can add a logo to display next to your properties when they show up in search results. You can do this by logging into your control panel. Once logged in, hover your mouse over the 'Account Setup' option on the top Navigation bar. From the drop down menu select 'General Setup'. At the bottom of the resulting page will be a drop down menu where you can 'Enter Photo URL' or 'Upload Photo.' The Logo is limited to 100x100 pixels maximum width and height.
You'll use the Client Control Panel to add the photo to the Property or Agent page. Tools for adding property pictures are under the Listings menu and tools for adding Agent pictures are under the Agents/Offices menu.
Some MLS Boards provide iHomefinder with only one photo per property. If your listing is displaying one photo, but not others, it is possible that your Board does not send multiple photos. You can add more photos for your property using the Listings section of your Admin site.  If you know your MLS supports multiple photos, please contact Technical Support or submit a support ticket for further research.
We normally receive photos from your MLS Board within 24 hours of receiving the listing data. If 24 hours have passed since you uploaded the photo for an active listing, visit the iHomefinder Tech Support page to find additional photo troubleshooting tips or to submit a technical support request.
The thumbnails are sized to fit exactly in the image tags of our IDX pages. This is done to improve the loading time of our pages, especially on wireless tablet devices like the iPad, in response to customer demand. In order to use a higher quality image, login to your Control Panel and navigate to Account Setup > General Settings. From there change the option "Use Main Photo For Thumbnail" to on, and click "Submit Changes". Before upscaling the image, check with your MLS to ensure there isn't a IDX display rule which prohibits using large thumbnails.