Pre-sales FAQs for iSites.

You will be notified immediately by email when you receive a new lead. You can also log into the Control Panel any time to review all of your leads and see their activity on your site.
Yes. All packages include a page featuring inventory listings. This page is automatically updated with your new listings as they enter the market. Off-market listings are removed, unless you opt to include them for display. If you don’t have any listings of your own, you can use your inventory page to highlight your office's listings.
You can choose a subdomain of for your iSite ( or use a custom domain name.
As part of the image upload, you will have the option to crop your photo or logo to show only the area of your choosing.
While you can customize the images and text that appear on the iSite homepage, it's not possible to change or move page elements using the Website Builder. It is possible replace the iSite homepage with a custom homepage. Simply create the custom page in Advanced Settings and name it "homepage" - it will appear instead of the default homepage.
Yes. If you don't want to use the default site banner, you can upload your own banner image through the Website Builder. Your banner should be 984 pixels wide, and any height can be accommodated.
Yes. In most cases, iHomefinder Support can help you import content from an existing blog into your iSite's WordPress blog.
Yes. iSites are made to allow non-technical people to build and manage their own real estate website. The Website Builder makes it easy to add images, change text and create custom pages through a simple, intuitive interface.