Pre-sales FAQs for Optima IDX.

Can I customize my search page to focus on my market area?

Yes. By default, every city covered by your MLS will be included in the city list on your search page. It's easy to configure your search page to include only the areas that you primarily serve by creating a custom city list within the Control Panel.

The default city list displayed on your search page can be customized from the Search Setup page, found under the Account Setup menu in the Control Panel. You can customize the city list, display type, and default min and max price information.

Will Optima IDX match the look & feel of my website?

Yes. There are two options for integrating Optima IDX into your existing site. Your website designer can add the branding directly to the Optima IDX pages by adding the branding code to the Design & Branding section of the Control Panel. The second option is to use an iFrame, leaving the pages unbranded and framing them into an existing page of your website. In either case, you also have the option of using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to customize the colors and fonts of the tools themselves.