You may have an Antivirus/Internet Security software enabled which is preventing the map from loading. If you have AVG Internet Security installed, try disabling the LinkScanner found in the Overview section.
Please check your automated paperwork manager in your Partner Portal first. A "Paperwork Manager' link is available in your Partner Panel on the left hand navigation bar. Once inside the paperwork manager, search for your client, and view the audit trail. If this doesn't provide enough information or your board is not on the automated system you can send an e-mail to [email protected]. The subject line of your e-mail should resemble "Paperwork status" or "Approval status". Please include the client ID in your e-mail, as well.
After logging into the Partner Panel select 'System Links' From the left hand navigation menu. Enter your client's ID (CID) in the input box, and click 'Go'. The resulting page contains the full array of iHomefinder tools available to your client.
Try requesting an MLS number from your client, and perform a search for it in your partner portal. If you can find the listing # with the search, the agent ID and office ID should be included in the results. Use these IDs to configure the client in the MLS section of their account (as viewed from the partner portal).
Log in to your partner portal. On the left hand Navigation menu, select 'Agent/Listing Search'. On the resulting page you must choose the radio button to search for either the Listing Number, Agent Name, Office Name, Agent ID, or Office ID. Next, select the MLS board you want to search from the drop down menu, located just below the radio buttons. Performing a search in this section results in a list of active properties (white/grey background) and recently inactivated properties (red background). Each listing should include the Office ID, Agent ID, and Listing number, in addition to whether the listing is active or inactive (the latter indicated by color).
You should check the Options section of the client's account, and ensure the field 'Featured Properties Identifier' is set correctly. You can access the options section from the partner portal. This field must be appropriately set to either Agent or Office code for the Featured Properties page to function. For instance, if you input an Agent ID into the MLS Setup section, but the Featured Properties Identifier is set to read by Office ID then no listings will display.
If you cannot find a Listing Number or Agent IDX using the search lookup in the iHomefinder partner portal, the property or Agent you are searching for is not located in our database. Try double-checking the listing number or Agent ID to make sure you transcribed it correctly. If that doesn't work, email iHomefinder Support, and we can contact the MLS board on your behalf to further investigate.
You are probably set to receive a CC of every e-mail update we send to your subscriber. The most basic choice for receiving e-mail updates is whether you wish to receive a summary versus a copy of every single e-mail. Many of our clients find the single copy setting overwhelms their inbox, so they prefer a summary of the daily activity. You can filter which specific e-mails you would like to receive copies of in the 'Advanced Routing' section. First login to your client admin control panel. After logging in, hover your mouse over the 'Account Setup' link on the top Navigation bar. From the resulting drop down menu, select 'Email Setup'. This will produce a page with a row of tabs at the top. From that row of tabs select 'Advanced Routing'. You can select which e-mails you would like to receive, and in this section.