Is it really free?

Yes! It really is free. No setup fee and no monthly fees. The only exception is that your MLS may impose fees for your use of IDX. Some MLS fees are paid directly to your MLS, while others are collected by iHomefinder on the MLS's behalf. See our MLS Coverage page for information about any fees for your MLS.

Can I customize my mobile website?

Yes, there are many customization options for Optima Mobile. You can add custom header HTML to include your logo, photo or other links. You can also change the color scheme used on mobile pages.

For a completely custom look, create your own mobile site and choose the Custom Homepage option. Link to the Optima Mobile pages within your custom site navigation.

I have a website but no mobile site. Can I sign up for Optima Mobile?

Yes. While mobile sites are included in many iHomefinder packages, if you have a website with no IDX or a different IDX provider, you can still sign up for Optima Mobile. Simply direct users on smartphones to your mobile site by adding the redirect code provided in the Control Panel to your website's homepage. This will detect which users are on mobile devices and route them to the mobile version of your site.