Try requesting an MLS number from your client, and perform a search for it in your partner portal. If you can find the listing # with the search, the agent ID and office ID should be included in the results. Use these IDs to configure the client in the MLS section of their account (as viewed from the partner portal).
You should check the Options section of the client's account, and ensure the field 'Featured Properties Identifier' is set correctly. You can access the options section from the partner portal. This field must be appropriately set to either Agent or Office code for the Featured Properties page to function. For instance, if you input an Agent ID into the MLS Setup section, but the Featured Properties Identifier is set to read by Office ID then no listings will display.
Our property type menu is currently confined to the following selections: Single Family/Condo, Lots/Land, Residential Income, Mobile Homes, Farms/Ranches, Rentals, and Commercial. If the property type you desire is on this list, but not currently active as an option on your MLS board, please submit a request for the addition of the property type to iHomefinder Support.
MLS systems employ strict regulations on the both the data and the way it is displayed on a website. They mandate what we can and can not show in their IDX regulations. iHomefinder will generally display any data the MLS allows us to via IDX. If you notice a piece of information that's missing from your properties, but would like it to display, please contact us. We appreciate your feedback, and are more than happy to contact the MLS to investigate the possibility of adding new values to our system.
Our pages will sometimes display duplicates for three main reasons. The first appears when an agent has a property that is listed both privately and publicly. The default interpretation our software uses for the private listing is that it should be shown on your sites Featured Properties page. If a listing is entered once privately and once publicly on the MLS board, this will cause a duplicate to appear. You can generally tell if this is the case if the MLS listing numbers of the property are slightly different (e.g., one may have a P in front of it's MLS number). The second most common reason this can occur is an agent may enter a property in the supplemental listings section while they wait for the real data to show up from the MLS. After the MLS updates, and the listing appears from the IDX feed, they forget about the supplemental property they had entered. This can easily be remedied by deleting the supplemental listing. The third common cause of duplicate listings comes from an agent relisting a home on the MLS to give it a newer on market date. Sometimes they may forget to delete the other listing on the MLS side, and a duplicate will appear.
This is due to the MLS set-up of your account. The basic setup will display properties that are listed under your own Agent ID on your Featured Properties page. If there are no properties listed under your ID, then properties listed under your Office ID will be displayed. The page will not include both Agent and Office properties with this basic setup. Speak with iHomefinder or your web designer if you want both listing types displayed at all times.
Featured Properties can be configured to include Supplemental and Sold/Pending properties in addition to Active properties. To include Sold/Pending listings within Featured Properties, make sure you have done the following: 1) In your account control Panel, go to SETUP > Listing Settings > Results & Featured. Select "Show Sold/Pending Properties on Featured Listings Page". This also applies to any gallery widgets that you might use to display Featured Listings. 2) When one of your active listings changes status to something other than Active status, your account will set the listing status to "Unknown" by default. To keep the listing in your account for optional display, you will need to manually set the status of the listing to sold or pending within 120 days from the date the listing changed status from Active. To change the status of a listing that is no longer active, go to your account Control Panel and select LISTINGS > Sold/Off-Market. Click on the listing and select Property Information to change the Property Status setting to Pending or Sold.
IHomefinder uses your unique Agent or Office MLS Code to automatically pull your listings from your MLS Board. The day after you list a property with your MLS, it will be listed on your web site as a Featured Property and listed as an Active property in the Listings section of your Client Control Panel.