General pre-sales product FAQs. Applicable to all products.

A non-refundable set up fee is charged when we first create your account. Billing will begin on the date of purchase. Monthly account fees are charged on the first business day of each month for the upcoming month. Your first monthly invoice includes a proration for any preceding partial month of service plus the upcoming month of service. Your account can be cancelled at any time without cancellation fees. If you cancel, your final bill will be on the first of the following month. You will receive service through the end of that month.
If you belong to multiple associations that operate MLS® Systems, you can request service for additional associations at an additional cost when you sign up for an account. You can also add service for additional associations at any time after you sign up.
Associations operating MLS® Systems will require their members to obtain IDX licensing approval when they sign up for IDX service with an IDX vendor. Our automated IDX licensing system will send you any necessary licensing paperwork and/or instructions when you request an account. When completed, we will manage your licensing paperwork through your association's licensing approval process.
No! Our standard terms are monthly billing, and you can change your product or cancel at any time. You can also save money by signing up for an annual plan.
A separate iHomefinder account is required for each website. For non-WordPress websites, Optima provides IDX pages which can be framed on more than one website using framesets (iframes). This requires approval from your MLS® System. We recommend using separate accounts which will provide unique branding on the IDX content for each site and a vastly better user experience.
Email Alerts automatically send emails with your personalized branding to your subscribers daily or at an interval your subscribers choose. It also provides reports on when your subscribers receive listings and what listings they view. This feature does not provide any additional campaign options. Accounts plans with MarketBoost send 3 types of emails to subscribers for each "Market" you create using location and other criteria you choose. These emails include daily active and sold listings, weekly open home listings and monthly market stats and trends. Subscribers can be managed separately for each type of email within each of your Markets. We make it very easy to export your subscribers to an Excel spreadsheet and import them into a full-featured contact management system or email drip campaign system. You can also segment your subscribers by search criteria in order to export your chosen segments for more targeted campaigns that can be managed in other systems.
We provide detailed reporting that shows what your leads have been searching for on your website. You can see this information for site visitors who has provided their information through any of our various lead capture features. Once a visitor's information has been provided, their search history since their first site visit is provided.