You may have an Antivirus/Internet Security software enabled which is preventing the map from loading. If you have AVG Internet Security installed, try disabling the LinkScanner found in the Overview section.
If you cannot find a Listing Number or Agent IDX using the search lookup in the iHomefinder partner portal, the property or Agent you are searching for is not located in our database. Try double-checking the listing number or Agent ID to make sure you transcribed it correctly. If that doesn't work, email iHomefinder Support, and we can contact the MLS board on your behalf to further investigate.
We can not search on non-standard data, as all search criteria must have data field to query. If you believe the data field is in the IDX data we receive, try sending in a support request for your desired search functionality. We can then check to see if the data supports the request, and if the MLS regulations allow us to perform such a search.
An advanced search field can be added by request if the MLS data and our system can support your request. You can request modifications to the advanced search field by submitting a support request to iHomefinder. If you are wanting to build your own search form, your web developer will need to reverse engineer an existing search form. If you do this then the city list and other fields will have to be manually maintained by you. Alternatively you can modify an existing search form's appearance by using CSS.
The zoom level for your Google Map is probably set too low. You can access the control for the zoom level in the 'options' section while viewing a client from from the Reseller Control Panel. Try adjusting the Google Maps zoom level to the default of 9.
Default prices can be configured from the Search Setup page found under the Account Setup menu within the Client Control Panel.
Yes. By default, every city covered by your MLS will be included in the city list on your search page. It's easy to configure your search page to include only the areas that you primarily serve by creating a custom city list within the Control Panel. The default city list displayed on your search page can be customized from the Search Setup page, found under the Account Setup menu in the Control Panel. You can customize the city list, display type, and default min and max price information.