If you are just setting up Optima Express, you may receive this error when viewing the IDX pages. Ensure you have completed the Modify Permalinks step in the Getting Started Guide.

In your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Permalinks. Under Common Settings, select Day and name, followed by Save Changes.

Another possibility is that your Site Address and WordPress Address URL's do not match. Navigate to Settings > General, and ensure that both the Site Address and WordPress Address URL fields are the same. Optima Express uses these fields to generate IDX pages.

Optima Express will only register with one WordPress site at a time. If you are receiving this error then it may have been caused by re-installing the plugin or activating it on another site. To correct this, login to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Optima Express > Register. Click save in order to register the plugin with your website again, and the IDX pages will display as normal.
Error 123: Unable to load content. Please visit the support guide, or contact customer support.
1. Your theme may be preventing Optima Express from communicating with the necessary servers. Known themes that can cause this issue are the following:
a. Thesis b. Canvas c. Kaboodle Wootheme (only if SEO option is enabled)
2. You may have a plugin installed which is preventing Optima Express from communicating with the necessary servers. Known plugins that can cause this issue are the following:
a. FacePress b. Simple Facebook Connect c. Bits Resources Plugin Instead of using these plugins, we recommend using the Social Sharing Toolkit for any social media links.
MLS systems employ strict regulations on the both the data and the way it is displayed on a website. They mandate what we can and can not show in their IDX regulations. iHomefinder will generally display any data the MLS allows us to via IDX. If you notice a piece of information that's missing from your properties, but would like it to display, please contact us. We appreciate your feedback, and are more than happy to contact the MLS to investigate the possibility of adding new values to our system.
Default prices can be configured from the Search Setup page found under the Account Setup menu within the Client Control Panel.
We normally receive photos from your MLS Board within 24 hours of receiving the listing data. If 24 hours have passed since you uploaded the photo for an active listing, visit the iHomefinder Tech Support page to find additional photo troubleshooting tips or to submit a technical support request.
If your pages are not generating after changing your websites URL, uninstall the Optima Express plugin and reinstall it. Your pages should display again after making this change.
Yes. By default, every city covered by your MLS will be included in the city list on your search page. It's easy to configure your search page to include only the areas that you primarily serve by creating a custom city list within the Control Panel. The default city list displayed on your search page can be customized from the Search Setup page, found under the Account Setup menu in the Control Panel. You can customize the city list, display type, and default min and max price information.