Our "Any Homes Realty" websites demonstrate our Optima IDX account features as they would appear within a typical custom website design. We don't provide website design services or design templates but your website developer can apply your own custom website design to your Optima IDX account.

The content we provide is surrounded by the content your web developer provides. The highlighted area in the images below represents the content we provide.

750 pixel page size

950 pixel page size

Page Sizes

Developers can choose from three page sizes (550, 750 and 950 pixels) to accommodate different website designs. Our live demo websites demonstrate the 750 and 950 options as they would appear within a typical custom website design (your own website design is up to your website developer to create): View 750 pixel demo website View 950 pixel demo website

Your Website Design

Optima IDX accounts (Agent, Power, or Broker) will integrate seamlessly with any website design, with your website providing links to the different pages we provide. You also can create any number of Saved Searches (custom search results pages). View a Saved Search page example.

Website Integration

Our website integration guide explains the integration process in more detail for web developers. Developers can choose between full HTML integration using a "wrapper" or frameset (iframe) integration. The IDX pages can also be hosted on your domain (free option), ensuring that your domain receives the full benefit of all search engine indexing. Read more about all of the SEO benefits in Optima IDX.


All accounts provide the following customizable widgets which can be placed anywhere on your website pages:
  • Quick Search
  • Free Text Search
  • Featured Properties Slideshow
  • Hot Sheet Slideshow
  • Property Gallery Slider
Our 950pixel page size includes additional widgets for display on the sidebar of each page and you can choose which widgets appear on the different pages in your account. Choose from a contact form, Featured Property gallery, Top Picks (saved search) gallery, or custom HTML.

Account Page Links

Click here to view an index of all of the account pages provided with an Optima IDX account (Brokerage version).