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Optima IDX Page Links

This page lists all IDX pages included with an Optima IDX account. Links are provided for each page in order to see the pages as used in the context of our live demo website.

Agent/Office Links

Provided in Brokerage accounts only.
Agent List and Agent Bio Pages: http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/agentlist/51475 (click on an Agent to view the Agent Bio page)
Office List: http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/offices/51475

Listing Related Links

MLS Search: http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/homesearch/51475
Map Search ("Power" and "Broker" accounts only): http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/mapsearch/51475
Email Updates: http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/emailalerts/51475
Property Organizer Login: http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/login/51475
Featured Properties: http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/featured/51475
Open Homes Search: http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/openhomes/51475
Sold/Pending Properties: http://www.anyhomesrealty.com/sold/51475
Supplemental Listings: (Not used in demo) This page will display any off-market listings you manually upload in your account that are not in your MLS.
Rental Listings: (Not used in demo)
Commercial Listings: (Not used in demo)
Top Picks/Hot Sheets: This page will show all Top Picks (custom search results pages) you create in your account. This is a good page to include on your site for search engine indexing. http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/toppicks/51475

Optional Add-On Pages

Home Valuation Request: http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/valuation/51475
Mortgage Calculator: http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/mortcalc/51475
Contact Form: http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/contact/51475
Blog ("Power and "Broker" accounts only): http://IHF51475.idxre.com/blog/

Mobile Pages

Mobile Homepage: http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/idx/mobile/index.cfm?cid=51475
Mobile Search http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/idx/mobile/mobileSearch.cfm?cid=51475
Mobile Featured Listings http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/idx/mobile/mobileFeatured.cfm?cid=51475
Mobile Open Homes Search http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/idx/mobile/mobileOpenHomes.cfm?cid=51475
Mobile Contact http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/idx/mobile/mobileContact.cfm?cid=51475
Mobile Office Roster http://anyhomesrealty.idxre.com/m/team/offices/51475