Cloud IDX Technology

At iHomefinder, we obtain listing data from our MLS® System partners throughout the day. We aggregate the listing data into our core listings database, and map incoming data elements into a standardized set of data fields. The use of standardized data fields allows you to use data from multiple MLS® Systems in a common fashion, helping you to avoid developing custom software for each MLS® System.

Web Services APIs

Access to our listing data is provided to our data services clients via a web services APIs. You (or your vendor) will need to implement web services client-side code to retrieve the data from our servers. The Cloud IDX Bulk Data API enables the download of all listing data from an MLS® System. The Cloud IDX Real-Time API allows for real-time property search queries against our database of listings. Typical web development programming languages, such as PHP, Ruby, Python and Java, have libraries that make it very easy to connect to our APIs.

  • The Bulk Data API uses a SOAP/RPC API. Listing data is returned in an industry-standard comma-delimited text format, wrapped in XML. Listing photos are made available via URLs to either iHomefinder or MLS® System photo servers. Additionally, open homes information is also available, where provided by an MLS® System. Our web services API enables you to download a complete set of listing data, or just an incremental update.
  • The Real-Time API uses a RESTful web services API. Listing data and photo URLs are returned in JSON format. Open home information is also provided, if available from your board.
  • For both APIs the listing data set includes active listings. The Bulk Data API also supports pending and sold properties, if available from your board. The data encompasses standard property types, including residential single family homes, condominiums, lots and land, multi-unit income, rental, commercial, mobile homes, and farms, although not all MLS® Systems offer all property types.

We update our listing database multiple times per day, in most cases every two hours, but as often as every 15 minutes in certain MLS® Systems. It should be noted that data formats may change to reflect changes made by MLS® Systems, or changes to the standard iHomefinder data format. Any predictable format changes will be communicated to you in advance.

Detailed documentation and technical support are provided to assist developers in connecting to and using our web services API. We can also provide example client-side code and a demonstration web services account from which you can pull sample data for evaluation and testing purposes.