Provide a Compelling Search Experience with Eureka

Provide a Compelling Search Experience with Eureka | iHomefinder

The Eureka IDX Property Search can help agent teams grow their business by providing the same level of functionality and the same professional presentation as the well-known portal sites.

Eureka makes it possible to create a great first impression – the kind of impression that is critical in the modern real estate world. More than that, it gives your potential clients a reason to keep coming back to your website and begin to rely on you as the local real estate expert.

When you incorporate Eureka into your site, you can deliver a portal-quality search experience with:

  • Universal Search Bar – Your site visitors can use one simple search field to find listings by area, address, or MLS ID without cumbersome drop downs and fields.
  • Compelling site experience – Deliver the results that site visitors need on a single screen that uses an intuitive interface to make searching fast, fun, and effective.

When people arrive on your site, you need them to immediately engage with it. These features help keep prospects on your site and give them plenty to do so there are fewer reasons to return to those real estate portals.

Eureka Search in Action

Consider the following scenario:

  • Your agent team has been purchasing leads from portal sites like Zillow and making contact with those that you can help.
  • These leads are coming from a large site that has spent a lot of time and money developing an interface that makes it easy for casual visitors to explore available properties in their desired area.
  • Once they arrive on your site, they are going to expect a very similar experience. If you can’t give them something that is as intuitive and effective, they will likely return to the portal site.
  • How could you have kept them around a little longer?

Eureka Search has redefined IDX search for agents and brokers, making it possible to deliver the kind of experiences that buyers and sellers expect. Your site will always deliver the most current listings automatically, so your clients will never feel frustrated by out-of-date listings.

On top of that, MarketBoost comes bundled with Eureka Search, so you can take your interactions with these leads to the next level. You can nurture your clients with local market updates, save time and money with automated listings content, and highlight your expertise in the local market.

When you add effective search functionality to your website and combine it with your own knowledge of the local market, you’ll give your leads plenty of reasons to take the next step in the home buying process with you.

Eureka Search allows you to provide an IDX search function just like the type found on those big-name portal sites, but now you can use it to keep your leads engaged with your agent team.

Try it yourself with a live demo or sign up for a free 30-day trial and really dive into what Eureka Search offers.

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