Lead Nurturing
With MarketBoost enabled in your iHomefinder account, you can deliver automated emails full of relevant listings and market stats that will help you close more business and keep you top of mind with past clients.
MarketBoost includes 3 kinds of email campaigns for each Market you create in your account:
Monthly market reports Weekly open homes alerts Daily new listings, price changes and solds

Get Started

Create Markets
Your Markets provide the location information and criteria for MarketBoost reports and emails. If you already have Markets in your iHomefinder account, they can start sending MarketBoost email campaigns as soon as you add subscribers. Learn how to create Markets | Watch video > Get tips for creating Markets that keep your leads engaged | Watch video >
Add Subscribers
To start the emails, just add the email addresses of your leads and clients to the appropriate email campaigns in your Markets. Monthly market report emails are a great choice for keeping in touch with past clients while all 3 types of emails are appropriate for your buyer and seller leads. Learn how to add subscribers | Watch video >

That's it!

Don't forget that MarketBoost also provides website report pages for each of your Markets. You can enhance your website and encourage more email subscriptions by making these pages easy to find on your website. Promoting your MarketBoost markets | Watch video > Use shortcode to add Market reports to pages and posts | Watch video > Add a Market Navigation Menu | Watch video > mb_page_tablet
Grow Business

Why nurture leads? Marketing to acquired leads is smart!

Forrester Consulting found the following consistencies in companies that nurture leads:
  • They generate 50% more leads at a lower cost per lead
  • They reduce the percentage of ignored leads
  • They raise close rates on leads by 7%
  • They increase agent take home pay - and with a shorter ramp for new agents

How to nurture your leads

Let's start by looking at a typical lead funnel. The top of funnel activity includes activity such as paid search campaigns (i.e. AdWords, Bing), publisher ads, reciprocal links, SEO/organic traffic, and manually entered leads acquired from events such as open houses. Lead Funnel The nurture stage is where your activity makes all the difference. The following key features in your IDX account help with the nurture stage:
  • Property Organizer - Once signed up, leads can save their favorite listings and searches on your site.
  • Email Alerts - Automated emails with your branding send the latest new or changed listings to your leads.
  • Site activity reports - View summary reports of lead activity on your site.
  • Lead activity reports - View searches conducted and properties viewed by your each of your leads.

Response Time Is Important

Lead Response Time

Inaction and Its Consequences

Here are some of the consequences of not taking the appropriate action when prospects register on your site:
You didn’t follow up when the lead registered on your site.
You’ll lose the lead! Reports suggest that 50% of online leads never receive a response.
You weren’t the first agent to follow up.
You’ll likely lose the lead. Nearly 80% of the business goes to the first agent who responds.
You forgot to place a follow up call.
You may lose the lead. It takes 6-8 calls/personalized emails before buyers/sellers are ready for a transaction.
You didn’t send drip email updates.
You may lose the lead. Some 30% of “non-yes” calls will agree to drip emails. Of these, 1/6th will turn into clients.

In Closing

It takes multiple interactions with leads to convert them into buyer or seller clients. Your IDX system not only helps you acquire leads, but can also help you nurture those leads and grow your business!