Lead Generation and event tracking have never been so easy. The all-new Lead Generator platform from iHomefinder is a perfect addition for your IDX website. The Lead Generator combines the power of your IDX website with incremental lead generation services to help you grow your business. PPC Services PPC value is derived by a few things: Targeting the buyer as tightly as possible, Relevance of the ad to the target, Alignment and hyper-targeted detail of the landing page, Defining what the viewer gets in exchange for their contact info. We now do this for you, optimizing your ROI. IDX Event Tracking IDX Event Tracking allows iHomefinder (responsive) clients to measure how users interact with IDX website content. For example, you might want to measure how many times a “Request Info” or “Social Share” was performed. The IDX Event Tracking captures site activity, enabling you to measure your marketing efforts and putting you in control of your online lead generation efforts. Google Analytics will track any URL that you can edit. Emails, Facebook, banner ads-- you can track it all. Site Lead Management We’ve redesigned emails from the ground up, improving the look and feel in a way that’s not only aesthetic but also provides simple and clear ways for leads to interact and engage with listings... ultimately, driving more traffic to your site. The new Lead Generation tool will give you tons of tips to help you get the most out of your lead capture program.   Get Started with Lead Generator by contacting us today. We’ll set up an AdWords account (if needed), schedule a Strategy Session, build out your AdWords instance, manage campaigns and optimize spending and report progress via monthly reporting. We will do it all for you!


We hope you can join us for our upcoming Learning Center Series session: Introducing iHomefinder Lead Generator. In this session we’ll review how you can take advantage of this new program to drive more leads into your business!

Wednesday October 7, 2015 11am PT / 2pm ET

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  1. Overview – We’ll review the features and benefits of Lead Generator
  2. Paid search specifics – We’ll discuss Google AdWords and how we'll use it to generate leads for you
  3. IDX Event Tracking – We’ll discuss how this newly-released functionality supports your lead generation efforts
iHomefinder’s Shaw Taylor, your host, will team with MacKenzie Oslund to walk you through program specifics designed to help you grow your business! Register now >>
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With access to the right data, you can maximize your ad spend and optimize your site to convert more visitors to leads. iHomefinder's IDX Event Tracking takes the IDX activity on your site out of the "black box" and puts it alongside all your other important website analytics.
With IDX Event Tracking, you can answer important questions such as:
  • How effective are your PPC campaigns in bringing new leads?
  • Which IDX features are used the most on your site?
  • How many times has a specific listing been viewed?
  • What search keywords originally brought your registered leads to your site?
  • Which of your campaign efforts are converting the most leads?

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