nevcty-broadThe Nevada County Association of REALTORS® is based out of Grass Valley, California and has approximately 700 agent members and 800 property listings. This Association covers the areas of Sierra Nevada and Gold Country, from Grass Valley to Nevada City and Truckee. Interested participants in this association can visit our MLS® System information page for more details.
We're very excited to announce our new Facebook App which lets Optima IDX clients add a Property Search option to their Facebook business page.


After completing the search form, visitors are brought to your website to view search results and listing details within your Optima IDX account. The Facebook app is a free addition and is now available in Optima IDX account packages (Agent, Power, and Broker) and iSite IDX website accounts. Please note the Facebook app is not offered with Optima Express accounts (IDX plugin for WordPress).   How to add the iHomefinder App to your Facebook Business Page:
  1. Login into your Control Panel where you will see an announcement of this new feature.
  2. Click on the Get Started button.
  3. You'll be prompted to login to your Facebook account.
  4. Select the page where you'd like the link to property search to appear.
  5. Confirm your selection.
Your property search link will now appear on your Facebook business page! As always, if you are if you are a current client or reseller and have technical questions, contact us [email protected] or at 1-866-700-8855 ext 375.  If you are a prospective client or reseller, please contact us here or at 1-866-700-8855 ext 374.
There's no slowing down the enhancements we keep adding to Optima Express!

Our latest free update adds the following new options for greater flexibility and even more SEO benefit:
  • Customizable Permalinks for IDX pages
  • Customizable IDX Page Titles
  • Template Selection for IDX Pages - very handy for themes that offer multiple templates

It's easy!
Just update your Optima Express plugin and visit our Optima Express Guide for instructions.    
We added a new "white text" template option for web developers in the Design/Branding setup for Optima IDX (Agent, Power, and Broker) accounts.

Text color in Optima IDX accounts could always be controlled with CSS but these new template options will set the default text color to white while also doing some other things "under the hood" to make sure dark backgrounds will look really great.