If you hadn't seen our post on how to use QR Codes, click here Today, on my way into work, I found a great example of a QR Code being used on a sign for a specific property.  Take a look.  It's as easy as pointing and clicking and prospective buyers are right at your property information.  

Here's an example of a direct mail postcard (which arrived on my front porch last week) and nicely uses a QR code. See small black and white box within the picture of the sun room below.

But wait, there's more.  Below you'll see a QR code used in a newspaper advertisement in one of our local papers, The Berkeley Daily Planet.

Have you creatively used QR Codes in your marketing efforts?  Send us your examples!

Using QR codes is a quick and inexpensive way to drive more Mobile IDX users to your real estate website.  In our latest newsletter, you'll learn how to get going with QR codes in four easy steps.  With a click of a smart phone camera, users will be on your site in no time searching for properties, and interacting with you about properties of interest.  Create a QR Code today and add it to any of your marketing materials!