Lead Gen Blog Header Lead generation is the life blood of your real estate business. It is your top priority and therefore consumes much of your time and energy. For many agents, the large amount of time and energy required to generate and nurture leads get taken away by either menial, office tasks or unexpected events. It is important to make your lead generation effective and efficient. The best lead generation taps your ‘sphere of influence’, which includes past clients and their network. Take time to nurture these relationships and make them a priority. At iHomefinder, we know your time and leads are essential to your business. Below are tips to help you generate more leads in less time and how our popular product, Marketboost can help real estate professionals grow their business.

Plan your day out in advance

Even before you walk in the office, have two or three major priorities you want or need to accomplish for the day. Know what tasks need to get done to achieve those priorities. Undoubtedly, one of your daily priorities should be lead generation. Marketboost features a variety of automated online services for realtors such as email, website content and local market reports. These can be scheduled in advance so your business is already up and running before you enter the office.

Prioritize client interactions

While it may be tempting to try to engage and woo everyone, it isn’t possible. You’ll spend valuable time with people who don’t know you or who aren’t interested in your services. Instead, focus the bulk of your time and energy on the clients who have referred you to new prospects. Cultivate a relationship with these people through email, written personal notes, phone calls, and marketing material. The more consistently you interact and engage with them, the more likely you’ll stay “top of their mind” with them. Marketboost can automate your drip email campaigns which delivers your open homes and new listings every week to your clients’ inboxes. We help you regularly communicate with clients while giving you more time to grow the business.

Delegate office tasks

Chances are, that you wear many hats in the office.  Precious time is wasted on time consuming, but necessary office work. Though you may be tempted to do all the work yourself, you’re putting your business at risk. Let go of the office work and focus on lead generation. At iHomefinder, we give agents more time for lead generation by handling their website, email campaigns, online property listings, and online ads for them. Through Marketboost, we’ll automatically update and share your listings through a variety of online channels meaning one less tedious office task you have to do. You can find more information about on our products page.

Make extra time for the unexpected

Emergencies will happen. Despite these unexpected interruptions, serving your clients is your first priority. All too often agents don’t plan for the unexpected and get diverted from the tasks at hand. Having extra “wiggle room” will ensure that you won’t neglect lead generation when emergencies arise. Having a plan will make it easier for you to return to your original task after interruptions. Marketboost’s automated online services will continue to distribute your content and information to clients regardless of what interruptions you may experience in the office.

Monitor your progress

Reporting can motivate you to come into the office and engage your clients on those days you may feel discouraged. Reports can also be used to show your clients and prospective clients how great an agent you are. It will establish your credibility, authority and local reputation, which results in more leads and referrals. Marketboost generates custom reports that empower you to analyze local market trends, monitor new, sold and open homes and gather new lead information through a built-in subscribe feature. These professionally crafted reports help you stand out as a local real estate expert. Real estate agents from all over the U.S. have turned to iHomefinder to take their businesses to the next level. We help realtors like you to build a solid online reputation people can trust, and enhance vital relationships that result in valuable leads.

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Real Estate Industry News   There is so much happening in the real estate market that keeping up with the news, updates, trends, wins, and setbacks can seem like a full-time job all on its own. There are a lot of organizations out there that provide a wealth of information on the market – some of it is relevant, some of it is just words on a page without a lot of direct relevance to your own business. So where do you start? How can you parse all the information out there and make sure you’re keeping up with the latest developments? There are many important blogs that provide some quality information, and while we understand that you can’t follow every single blog that proposes to be the most relevant in the industry, you can find a few that consistently provide information that keeps you in the know. We have taken a look at a lot of the real estate blogs out there and chosen 12 that we think are worth watching. We’ve based this analysis on a number of factors – the most obvious being things like posting consistency, quality of content, and reader engagement, but we’ve also looked at things like how often others link to them and their overall page authority. We don’t recommend that you start following all these blogs – some of them specialize in parts of the market or places in the country that simply won’t apply to you – but we do recommend finding blogs that provide the most relevant and regular information for your agency. 1. inman The inman blog is a must-read. It covers everything from technology to marketing for agents and brokerages, and while providing great information for people in the real estate market across the country, it also provides news and happenings in specific areas, like New York, DC, L.A., and more. 2. RISMedia RISMedia was founded back in 1980 and it is still an important source of news, tips, advice, and more in the real estate industry. Their blog, titled “RISMedia’s house call” is updated daily with a range of useful and interesting content. 3. The Notorious R.O.B. Rob Hahn started this blog in 2008 and continues to update it with a range of content that matters to brokerages and agents. In it, he talks about everything from politics and regulations to marketing and media. (It is a personal blog, so you’ll get a few unrelated-but-interesting posts, too.) 4. Mansion Global This blog describes itself as a premier digital destination for the world’s affluent real estate buyers. It focuses on markets in New York, London, Miami, San Francisco, and Sydney. Here you’ll get range, of news and insights on prime international properties. 5. This site focuses on remaining an independent resource for news, analysis, and commentary on the mortgage banking markets. HousingWire looks at lending, investments, real estate, and more. 6. The Real Deal You’ll find a lot of news here that is specific to New York real estate, but there is a lot of great general information here that can help anyone. 7. Brownstoner For those who specialize in a very specific kind of real estate, Brownstoner looks at a wide range of beautiful brown stone homes and provides specific advice for brownstone buyers, owners, and sellers. 8. Dr.HousingBubble This site gets a ton of comments on their posts, though that could be because their topics (focused on the SoCal housing bubble) could be said to be designed to illicit a lot of comment. See if this is a conversation you want to get involved with. 9. Commercial Property Executive If your agency focuses more on commercial properties, this may be a good place for you to stay in the know. Property management, investments, financing, and sustainability are just a few of the topics you’ll see covered here. 10. Real Estate Section Here you’ll find a simple and direct list of real estate news from around the country. There are also mortgage calculators and simple ways 11. The Zillow Blog Zillow is one of the largest real estate websites online. Their blog offers tips and advice, market trends, and looks at unique homes and home improvement ideas 12. Eye On Housing This is the site for the National Association of Home Builders. Here you’ll find a lot of discussion on the housing market (along with statistics) and the relevant economic questions.