There used to be a time when having lots of generic pages of IDX listings on your site could help your SEO. Now, SEO experts agree that regularly updated, unique content should be a central part of your SEO strategy. And the more your visitors interact with your content, the better.

In this article, we’ll share an easy technique for your WordPress website to add dynamic IDX content directly into your own pages and posts (no framing is used).

You get full control over your page or post optimizations for search engines - AND the added benefit of dynamic IDX content that search engines will index on your domain.

All iHomefinder IDX accounts built for WordPress support this technique, including our Optima Express IDX plugin for WordPress and our OmniPress IDX websites.

1) Create Markets

Markets are saved searches you create in your IDX Control Panel. You can choose from locations listed in your MLS or you can draw on a map to define custom locations. Once created, the listings in these saved searches can be displayed in a number of ways on your site. In step 3, you'll learn how to insert them directly into your own pages or posts.

If you have MarketBoost, three separate report pages are provided for each Market you create:

  • Active & sold listings
  • Open homes
  • Market stats
Learn how to create Markets:

iHomefinder accounts with MarketBoost - Learn how >
iHomefinder accounts without MarketBoost - Learn how >

2) Create Pages Or Posts

Create a page or post with some custom content for each Market you create. To engage your site visitors, a little goes a long way, so consider adding a paragraph or two with useful information for buyers and sellers that could also include images, videos and links to additional resources.

Because you’re creating a custom page or post, you have full control over these elements which are important for SEO:
  • Title tag
  • URL
  • Content of page
  • Image alt text

3) Add Markets To Your Pages or Posts

With just a few clicks, you can add the dynamic IDX listings from your Markets to your pages or posts, providing buyers and sellers with instant access to listings. Search engines will index your custom pages or posts AND the IDX listings directly on your domain – no framing is used.

Learn how >

See example >

Additional Resources

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"On-Page Ranking Factors" Read article >


Are you looking for ways to boost lead capture on your site? Here are some tips to attract your target audience and encourage more lead registrations.

Use Responsive Web Design

If you’re still using our fixed-width design, switch to our Responsive design to enable these key benefits:
  • Provide a great search experience on all devices
  • Show open contact forms next to listing details
  • Offer street address and listing ID search
  • Enable additional registration popups
Are you on fixed-width? Make the switch! Optima Express plugin for WordPress | Switch to responsive > Optima IDX for custom websites | Switch to responsive >

Enable Registration Prompts

  • Present registration prompts to your site visitors based on their actions. Learn how >
  • Use popups to encourage visitors to subscribe to listing email alerts for each search they perform. Learn how >
  • NEW! Add custom content to your registration prompts. Learn how >

  • Build Optimized Landing Pages

    Use landing pages to attract and engage your target audiences (areas of interest, price ranges, first time buyers, renters, sellers, etc.). These should support the needs and interests of each audience and encourage them to register for listing alert emails or MarketBoost Market reports.

    Drive Traffic

    SEO - Organic Traffic from Search Engines
    • Use keywords in your landing pages that match the search terms your target audience are likely to use in search engines.
    • Create blog posts that focus on your target keywords and link to your landing pages.
    • Add links to your landing pages in your site navigation.
    For more tips on SEO, check out our article SEO Tactics You Can Put To Use Immediately
    PPC - Paid Traffic Run ad campaigns with paid advertising services such as Google AdWords and Facebook. Use separate campaigns for each audience to focus on the appropriate keywords and landing pages on your site.

If you want to achieve online success with your real estate website, then creating engaging and well-optimized content is a key consideration.  Otherwise, the chances of your real estate website or blog being found by potential customers via search engines is next to none. Search Engine Optimization helps you to improve your brand’s visibility thereby, making it easier for both search engines and potential customers to find you online, helping to bring more traffic and leads to your site. Follow these simple steps, and you’re on the way to creating content better than your competitors.   Real Estate Content

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SEO Tactics 2016 Real Estate  

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  Our Learning Center Series session on November 18 provided proven SEO tactics you can use to bring more buyers and sellers to your website. iHomefinder's Shaw Taylor was joined by Tyler Zey of Easy Agent Pro to present the following content:
  • SEO basics & how it can help your business
  • The importance of keywords in SEO and how to put them to work
  • How and where to add lead capture elements to convert site traffic
  • Case studies focusing on best practices
  • Putting concepts to work using the iHomefinder SEO worksheet

Webinar Recording

You can watch a recording of the webinar at any time using the following link: Watch the webinar recording >>

iHomefinder SEO Worksheet

by Easy Agent Pro The SEO worksheet that was used for a portion of the session is available for your own use. Watch the webinar recording to understand how this worksheet can be put to use for your own SEO effort. Click the link below and select "Make a copy..." under the File menu. Go to the worksheet and make a copy >

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HowToGeneratLead-2   Consumers now have many options for exploring real estate listings online. To compete in this market and acquire new leads, it’s critical to have an effective lead acquisition and nurturing strategy. In this article, we’ll review methods for acquiring new real estate leads to help you grow your business. Some of these methods are simple while others will require more planning and follow-through, but they can all help you acquire more leads. We’ll talk about best practices for nurturing your leads in a future article.

Website Optimization

Does your website need an overhaul? An optimized website will engage buyers and sellers and convert more of your visitors to leads. Website optimizations will generally fall into two categories: aesthetics and content.

Website Aesthetics

Consumers form an opinion about your website in a fraction of a second. The following key points can make a dramatic improvement in how well your site engages consumers:
  • Professional, uncluttered look and feel
  • Quick loading time
  • Friendly user experience with simple navigation
Ask your family, friends and colleagues for their honest assessment and make adjustments if needed. Your business depends on it!

Website Content

Here are some considerations for content on your website that will help make your site sticky and convert more visitors to leads.
> Unrestricted Property Search
Allow consumers to search and explore listings without prompts for registration. Or consider allowing a number of searches and property views before asking for registration. The simpler your default property search form is the better. Consider offering a separate advanced search option so users don’t have to face lots of options they don’t need.
> Listings Pages and Galleries
Make it easy to access and browse listings organized by local communities, neighborhoods or even specialized categories such as water view, golf course, distressed, etc. These can also help your SEO (discussed in the Seach Engine section below).
> Email Alerts
Make sure you prominently feature an option to sign up for new listing email alerts. These emails provide your leads with listing links to your site for new or updated listings that match their search criteria. Consider adding an eye-catching graphic to your site that points out the benefits of Email Alerts with a link to the sign up form.
> Hyper Local Focus & Unique Content
Your website is your opportunity to present yourself as a local expert – something the large portal sites can’t provide! It’s also your opportunity to differentiate from other sites that simply have listings with no other useful information. Consider adding helpful community information, links to resources, and pictures. Search engines will index this content, bringing you more opportunities for free traffic from search engine results pages.
> Value Proposition
Put yourself in the shoes of your site visitors. Why should they consider working with you? If you don’t clearly answer this on your website, you can expect fewer registrations from your site visitors. Include some brief bullets on your site that point out how your services, experience, and knowledge will help them with their next transaction. Featuring testimonials from satisfied clients can help build trust with new visitors and influence how many register on your website.

PPC (Pay-per-Click) Online Ad Channels

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Bing can all deliver advertisements to consumers using demographic criteria, time of day settings, and more. Each service will let you track your ad performance and modify your campaigns accordingly. Get Started with PPC: Google: Bing: Facebook: Twitter:

Social Media

Social media is an essential component of lead generation. There are several different platforms, each with their own benefits and tactics. We’ll discuss social media strategies in more detail in future articles.
  • Facebook – This is the most common network and building a strong presence here can really boost your lead generation. . Start by including a lot of facts about neighborhoods and properties to show off your local knowledge. Use lots of pictures and encourage people to share them. Don’t flood the newsfeed with your listings, though. You’re on a social network to attract and engage new followers with content .
  • Twitter – This is a quick and simple way to get people thinking about moving and buying homes. You can link to important resources on your website and use hashtags to get in on the active conversations.
  • Pinterest – This network is all about the best looking pictures. Create your own boards and fill them with pictures of the homes and yards as well as interesting images of the neighborhood and city. Make sure you have a good description of each image that is short and to the point.
  • YouTube – This is the #2 rated search engine! Maximize your exposure by creating a channel and posting virtual tours or consider even simple slideshow videos using listing images.


A lot of people think that email is no longer an effective marketing technique but studies continue to show that this is one of the best ways to get a response from potential clients. In addition to automated new listing email alerts, you can send email newsletters with tips on finding homes, local community news, market information or any other content your leads might find helpful.

Search Engines

When someone finds you through a search engine, it’s safe to assume that this is a lead that definitely has home buying or selling in mind. When they search for general terms like new homes in a specific area, you'll obviously want your website to appear as high as possible in the results. Establishing an SEO strategy that brings you more search engine traffic takes time and effort and is definitely a marathon rather than a sprint. You can either consult professionals to build a strategy for your site or take a look at the wealth of content available online to get familiar with best practices. The SEO Starter Guide from Google below is just one example of the many online resources available and is a great starting point. Download the free "SEO Starter Guide" from Google >>

Events & Conventions

Out-of-town real estate conventions are a great way to contact agents from other locations and let them know that you’re open to referrals. You can establish yourself as a trustworthy agent so they’ll be willing to send you clients who are looking for something in your area. This is where you can also make contacts with other professionals such as lawyers, lenders, bankers, and insurance agents might all have relationships with potential real estate leads.

Direct Mailers

Postcards are simple and eye-catching and you can send them to people in specific locations. You can include information about listings or just focus on getting them to your website where you can invite them to contact you or sign up for new listing Email Alerts.


Happy clients are the best place to look for new leads. If your past clients had a good experience with you, they’ve probably already shared the story with friends and family. In your next email blast, consider asking them about anyone they know who is interested in buying a home.


Don’t assume that a lead who isn’t quite ready to buy or sell is a dead end. The vast majority of your new leads will probably fit in this category. Once you have a new lead, you can send personalized mailers, set them up with new listing email alerts and send newsletters to keep them engaged and remind them of your services until they’re ready for a transaction. What do you do to generate leads? Is there something we missed? Let us know or share your thoughts!


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Optima Express, the WordPress IDX plugin from iHomefinder, now offers Power and Broker clients new ways to boost SEO and get listings indexed. Sign up for Optima Express today to take advantage of these great new features. Community Pages wizard Power and Broker clients can easily create a Community Pages section for their site, to display listings as well as any community information they wish to enter. These pages show site visitors your areas of expertise while also providing links for search engines to follow and index MLS listings on your site. To set up a Community Page: 1. Within your WordPress Admin, go to Optima Express > Community Pages 2. Enter the search criteria for your new Community Page 3. Edit the Community Page title if needed 4. Save changes 5. A new page has been added to the Pages section, featuring a Listing Gallery with your search criteria. Add additional content and photos above or below the listing content. 6. If you’re using the Optima Express Navigation Menu, your new page will automatically be added to the Communities submenu SEO City Links Widget Easily add links to cities you serve and have them indexed by search engines. A great widget for the footer of your site, SEO City Links can be dropped into any widget area through the WP Admin’s Appearance > Widgets section. Configure the widget by accessing SEO Links within the Optima Express menu of your WordPress Admin and taking the following steps: 1. Configure the city/zip and link name, along with any other search criteria you’d like added 2. Save changes 3. Your link will be displayed in alphabetical order within the widget 4. Customize the width of the link columns by adjusting the value in the Link Width field
The Market House, built 1832, in downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina.
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If you haven't seen RE Technology's product review of iSearch Optima IDX yet, check it out here. RE Technology thoroughly reviewed our latest release, including the User Interface, SEO-specific features, and Control Panel usability.