There used to be a time when having lots of generic pages of IDX listings on your site could help your SEO. Now, SEO experts agree that regularly updated, unique content should be a central part of your SEO strategy. And the more your visitors interact with your content, the better.

In this article, we’ll share an easy technique for your WordPress website to add dynamic IDX content directly into your own pages and posts (no framing is used).

You get full control over your page or post optimizations for search engines - AND the added benefit of dynamic IDX content that search engines will index on your domain.

All iHomefinder IDX accounts built for WordPress support this technique, including our Optima Express IDX plugin for WordPress and our OmniPress IDX websites.

1) Create Markets

Markets are saved searches you create in your IDX Control Panel. You can choose from locations listed in your MLS or you can draw on a map to define custom locations. Once created, the listings in these saved searches can be displayed in a number of ways on your site. In step 3, you'll learn how to insert them directly into your own pages or posts.

If you have MarketBoost, three separate report pages are provided for each Market you create:

  • Active & sold listings
  • Open homes
  • Market stats
Learn how to create Markets:

iHomefinder accounts with MarketBoost - Learn how >
iHomefinder accounts without MarketBoost - Learn how >

2) Create Pages Or Posts

Create a page or post with some custom content for each Market you create. To engage your site visitors, a little goes a long way, so consider adding a paragraph or two with useful information for buyers and sellers that could also include images, videos and links to additional resources.

Because you’re creating a custom page or post, you have full control over these elements which are important for SEO:
  • Title tag
  • URL
  • Content of page
  • Image alt text

3) Add Markets To Your Pages or Posts

With just a few clicks, you can add the dynamic IDX listings from your Markets to your pages or posts, providing buyers and sellers with instant access to listings. Search engines will index your custom pages or posts AND the IDX listings directly on your domain – no framing is used.

Learn how >

See example >

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Today’s home buying process is a lot different than it was even just a few years ago. Now, the majority of buyers use the internet in some way throughout the buying process, whether they’re just checking some listings or looking for an agent who really knows the local area. Real estate professionals need to fit into this new paradigm, and Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is making it possible. An IDX system offers several benefits for agents and brokerages. By implementing these systems, even smaller brokers can compete with larger websites and deliver a wide range of relevant listings. This will also improve the overall customer experience across home computers as well as mobile devices. On top of that, agents have a better opportunity to engage with customers on a deeper level and even establish a position online to get more exposure for their listings. The real estate market can be a real challenge, but with the right tools in place you can fit into the current buying process and start reaching more of the local buyers. Benefits of IDX

Available now! Grid view for listings results.

grid-kb This attractive, modern design works on all devices and screen sizes. Just one setting in your Control Panel will enable the grid view throughout your site on:
  • Search results pages
  • Markets/Saved Search pages
  • Featured Listings pages
You can also change the number of results displayed per page, and show or hide the map.

Try it Out

It's easy! Learn how to enable the grid view option >>

WordPress Listing Galleries

Listing Galleries in Optima Express and OmniPress websites will use the display setting you select in your Control Panel.  If you choose, you can override the default setting for any individual Listing Gallery. Learn how >>

Optima Express Plugin Update

If you're using Optima Express, you'll need to update the Optima Express plugin to version 2.6.0 or higher to acess these new features.  
prime It's now easier and faster than ever to get your OmniPress website up and running! OmniPress Prime includes setup assistance and ongoing maintenance, plus all of the functionality included with OmniPress IDX websites. Within just a week, our team of experts will have your personalized OmniPress website ready for your business, and the included monthly maintenance service will keep your site fresh. Read the press release >>
Grow Business

Why nurture leads? Marketing to acquired leads is smart!

Forrester Consulting found the following consistencies in companies that nurture leads:
  • They generate 50% more leads at a lower cost per lead
  • They reduce the percentage of ignored leads
  • They raise close rates on leads by 7%
  • They increase agent take home pay - and with a shorter ramp for new agents

How to nurture your leads

Let's start by looking at a typical lead funnel. The top of funnel activity includes activity such as paid search campaigns (i.e. AdWords, Bing), publisher ads, reciprocal links, SEO/organic traffic, and manually entered leads acquired from events such as open houses. Lead Funnel The nurture stage is where your activity makes all the difference. The following key features in your IDX account help with the nurture stage:
  • Property Organizer - Once signed up, leads can save their favorite listings and searches on your site.
  • Email Alerts - Automated emails with your branding send the latest new or changed listings to your leads.
  • Site activity reports - View summary reports of lead activity on your site.
  • Lead activity reports - View searches conducted and properties viewed by your each of your leads.

Response Time Is Important

Lead Response Time

Inaction and Its Consequences

Here are some of the consequences of not taking the appropriate action when prospects register on your site:
You didn’t follow up when the lead registered on your site.
You’ll lose the lead! Reports suggest that 50% of online leads never receive a response.
You weren’t the first agent to follow up.
You’ll likely lose the lead. Nearly 80% of the business goes to the first agent who responds.
You forgot to place a follow up call.
You may lose the lead. It takes 6-8 calls/personalized emails before buyers/sellers are ready for a transaction.
You didn’t send drip email updates.
You may lose the lead. Some 30% of “non-yes” calls will agree to drip emails. Of these, 1/6th will turn into clients.

In Closing

It takes multiple interactions with leads to convert them into buyer or seller clients. Your IDX system not only helps you acquire leads, but can also help you nurture those leads and grow your business!
We're happy to announce that the beta version of Optima Express is now available, offering responsive IDX for WordPress sites. Not only does it have a sleek new look, new widgets and shortcodes, this IDX solution is optimized for any device. When paired with a responsive theme, your IDX pages will look great on any device. iphone-ipad2 Interested in checking it out? Learn more about installing or changing the plugin to the beta responsive mode and see the future of IDX!
tallahasseeMembers of the Tallahassee Board of REALTORS® can now take advantage of the wide range of features provided in iHomefinder IDX products, including customizable MLS search and lead capture, map search, mobile IDX for all smartphones, and more. Counties included in this association include Leon, Wakulla, Gadsden, and Jefferson counties. Interested participants in this association can visit our MLS® System information page for more details.
nega iHomefinder IDX products are now available to members of the Northeast Georgia Board of REALTORS® which covers the following counties in GA: Towns, Union, Fannin & Gilmer as well as Clay & Cherokee County in NC. Interested participants in this association can visit our MLS® System information page for more details.