Additional fees may apply for service in some real estate board MLS® Systems. To find out if additional fees apply for your board’s MLS® System, select it from our service coverage page and look under "About this MLS", on the right-hand side of the coverage details page.

The types of fees that may be charged are discussed in more detail below.

Pass-through Fees

Some boards require us to pay additional vendor fees in order to provide our IDX service. To help cover these fees, clients with service for these MLS® Systems are charged an additional "pass-through fee" in their iHomefinder account billing. If applicable, these fees will be clearly stated in our online signup and payment form when you sign up for a new account.

Direct Fees

Some boards charge their members "direct fees" when they sign up for service with any IDX vendor. These fees are payable directly to the board or the MLS® System vendor and are not collected through iHomefinder billing. If direct fees are required by your board, you will receive detailed instructions for making payment when you sign up for a paid account.