IDX Plugin for WordPress

Start your free 30-day trial or a paid iHomefinder IDX account by installing the Optima Express plugin on your WordPress website.

Trial accounts include demonstration listings from northern California. You can convert your trial to a paid account at any time for access to listings from your MLS® System.

Install the Optima Express plugin

Search for "Optima Express" to add the plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Or you can download the plugin below.

Please note WordPress websites hosted on are not supported. Free trial and paid accounts can be used on a single website only. Separate trial or paid accounts are required for separate websites.

Installation & Activation

Watch how to install the Optima Express plugin and activate your account.

Activate Your Account

At the top of your WordPress dashboard, select Activate Your Optima Express Account.

Get started

Learn how to access your IDX Control Panel where you'll manage leads, personalize your account, create saved searches, customize property search options, and lots more.

Everything you need to get started is in our Optima Express setup guide.