Training Webinars

IDX Essentials Part 1


Property Search Options
Understand the search options available with Standard Search and Eureka Search.

Creating Markets (saved searches)
Learn how to create Markets and add them to your site. Understand additional Market features provided with MarketBoost.

Adding IDX page links
Expand your website features by adding the IDX pages included with your iHomefinder account.

Lead capture settings & Email Alerts
Understand the lead capture options provided with your account. Learn how to add clients to automated listing alerts.

Displaying Featured and Sold Listings
Learn about the many ways your featured listings are promoted throughout your site.

IDX Essentials Part 2


MarketBoost Best Practices
Learn how to use MarketBoost to position yourself as THE local market expert.

Eureka Search – Deep Dive
See Eureka Search in more detail – your leads and clients will love it!

Website Content and SEO
Understand key content strategies that can boost your organic website traffic.

Broker Plan Feature Review
Learn how Broker plans help market your brokerage brand with site content and agent & office branded email automation.

OmniPress Websites


Choosing a theme
Changing color preferences
How to add menu items
Email branding

IDX Features
Adding IDX features to your own pages
Adding Community Pages & SEO City Links
Adding & displaying Markets
Adding IDX Widgets

iHomefinder ONE Features

Become an expert with the CRM and other features available in iHomefinder ONE.

Essential Tools for Agents


After this session, you’ll know how to use the lead management and automated lead nurturing features provided with ONE that will make you more efficient.

Drip/Group Email & Phone/Postal Lists


This webinar covers drip (pre-scheduled) email, custom email groups, and creating telephone and postal mail lists. We’ll also show the robust List Manager to create Birthday, Transaction Anniversary, and Wedding Anniversary lists, and to create outreach lists based on location, tags, email group, and more.

Lead Management Tools & Tips


ONE CRM includes extensive lead-management tools. Learn how apply these and maximize your results for individual leads and groups of leads. This session will cover lead tracking, lead source-tracking, the unlimited tagging system, email options, and how to delete, demote, promote, or reassign leads.

Using CRM Action Plans to Automate Tasks


Action Plans are pre-sequenced task reminders over ANY time period, days, weeks, months, or years. Learn to use (and build) action plans for lead follow-up over days and weeks, listing launches or closings (weeks/months), or post-sale retention (lasting years). This session begins with real-world examples like lead follow-ups, listing launches, and post-sale retention plans, and ends by showing how Action Plans can be built or modified in Admin accounts.

The Transaction Process in ONE CRM


ONE CRM organizes contacts into (A) Leads being qualified, and (B) Prospects in transaction mode. This webinar covers the transaction phase, including promotion of qualified leads to prospects, adding multiple transactions, tracking one or multiple transactions, and how to conclude transactions.

Admin Orientation: Tools & Tips


ONE CRM has two account types, Administrators and CRM Users. This session for Admins covers how to assign permissions, how to edit 7 underlying team-wide menus (like Lead Status, Contact Types, etc.), how create or modify Action Plans, creation of email Groups, and how to use the List Manager to create team-wide or agent-specific outreach lists. In addition, in this webinar we’ll offer tips to get your CRM system launched strongly, and how agents and teams can see the greatest impact possible.