seo meta tags

New Meta Tag Features

Boost your SEO with these new features for Optima Express and OmniPress websites.

  • Title Tags

    Title tags influence page rankings in search engine results pages. Title tags for Property Details pages and Saved Search pages can be customized in any of the following ways:

    • Use custom text
    • Use dynamic listing variables
    • Use search-specific variables

    Title tags for other IDX pages can be customized with custom text. Learn how >>

  • Meta Description Tags

    We now offer the option to customize the description tag in Property Details pages and Saved Search pages.

    Description tags are important because they can influence whether or not a user clicks through from the search engine results page to your site. If the description of a page is informative and includes keywords a user was searching for, then the user will be more likely to click through the search engine results page to your website. Learn how >>

Google SEO Starter Guide

This guide from Google will help you build a sound SEO strategy to bring targeted organic traffic to your website. Pages 4 & 6 discuss title tags and meta description tags.

Consult with your web developer if needed to make sure you have an SEO strategy in place that will help your business grow.