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Cloud IDX

Direct Access to MLS® System Data

iHomefinder's Cloud IDX real estate listings APIs offer licensed access to IDX listings for members of local boards where permitted. Our APIs allow you to implement a custom design and public interface on your IDX website (subject to compliance with IDX website display rules of the IDX data feed provider), uniquely showcasing your real estate brand to consumers. Please note, Cloud IDX data for each IDX data feed is only available for use by an active member of the related board, and requires review and approval by the provider of the IDX data feed.

Listing data can be made available via one of two different API options. The Cloud IDX Bulk Data API enables the download of all listing data from the IDX data feed that has been approved for licensing with the data feed provider. The Cloud IDX Real-Time API allows for real-time property search queries against the IDX data that has been approved for licensing by the data feed provider. To access either API, you'll need to implement some relatively simple software in your system.

The data available from each IDX data feed that has been approved for licensing includes all major property types, up to 300 listing data fields, photo URLs, and open homes data if supported by a board. The Bulk Data API also includes pending and sold properties where provided by a board. If you require service in an area we don't currently cover, ask us about adding it to our coverage.

Contact us to learn more about Cloud IDX data services or to get pricing for your application. Read more about Cloud IDX technology.

Benefits of Cloud IDX Data Services

  • Direct access to IDX data enables you to display listings in exactly the format you desire (provided you adhere to IDX display rules).
  • A single source for listing data speeds your time to market and lowers your costs.
  • A common format for listing data across multiple markets simplifies your application and display.

Cloud IDX Bulk Data API

The Bulk Data API makes the complete set of listing data from an IDX data feed available for download. Data fields are standardized across all markets, greatly simplifying your application if you are an active agent or broker member of more than one board, thus requiring multiple data feeds. Having access to the complete listing data set can be essential if your application includes analytics and/or unique search algorithms that require comprehensive listing data.

Should you decide to use the Bulk Data API, you'll need to download and maintain the listing data in your own database, and periodically retrieve updates from us to refresh your database. You'll also need to implement your own database indexing and search functionality, and ensure that the listings are displayed in an IDX-compliant manner. We provide IDX compliance information for each IDX data feed provider via the API.

Read technical details about the Bulk Data API.

Pending and contingent listings are included in the Bulk Data API, when those listings are allowed in IDX by the IDX data feed provider.

Sold listings can also be included in the Bulk Data API, for an additional fee, when sold listings are allowed in IDX by the data feed provider.

Cloud IDX Real-Time API

The Real-Time API offers you the ability to make direct queries against our database of listings. The API is engineered to return search results and listing details extremely quickly. A search interface on your website or application can hand-off a query to the IDX data API and receive results back for display with very little latency.

In contrast to the Bulk Data API, you don't need to maintain a database of listing data, helping you get to market more quickly with lower ongoing operational costs. Nor do you need to implement complicated database indexing procedures and search algorithms as part of your website or application.

Read technical details about the Real-Time API.

Sold listings, and most advanced search criteria, are not included in the Real-Time API. Pending and contingent listings are usually not provided, but we can check for your specific board if needed.

Who Can Use Cloud IDX Data Services

To be eligible for Cloud IDX listing data in an MLS® System, you need to be an active agent or broker member of the board associated with the IDX data feed, or a web developer working on behalf of such a member.

IDX paperwork (with managing broker signature), and approval from your real estate board office, is required in most cases before we can provide you with data. That can take anywhere from a couple business days to a couple weeks, depending on your board. We'll guide you through the IDX contract and approval process when you sign up.

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