Optima Express Plugin for WordPress
30-Day Free Trial

Follow the instructions below to install and activate the Optima Express plugin for WordPress.

Use Optima Express with Eureka Search + MarketBoostTM free for 30 days with sample listings from California for demonstration. You can convert your trial to a paid account at any time for access to listings from your MLS® System.

WordPress Themes
Browse recommended themes for use with Optima Express in our WordPress Theme Guide.

Installation & Activation

Watch how to install the Optima Express plugin and activate your account.


To install the Optima Express plugin manually, click here to download the plugin.

To install the Optima Express IDX plugin from your WordPress Dashboard:

1) Go to Plugins > Add New

plugins addnew

2) Under Install Plugins, enter "Optima Express" in the Search field.

install plugin

Activate Your Account

At the top of your WordPress dashboard, select Activate Your Optima Express Account.

activate optima express

Underneath Register Optima Express, select Get a Free Trial IDX Account

get trial

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