MLS Coverage


(REcolorado® might also be referred to as Metrolist MLS.)

Please note the following about IDX service for REcolorado®:

  1. There is an $8 per month, per website, added to iHomefinder billing. A client with two websites displaying IDX will have a $30 surcharge on their account. Facebook IDX pages are counted as websites for billing purposes, and are also subject to the $15 monthly fee.
  2. Prior approval from REcolorado® is required for every website URL displaying IDX. It is not allowed to display IDX on any website that has not been approved by REcolorado®.
  3. IRES and REcolorado have a data share but not in the traditional route that other MLSs have. They have a data share in that each MLS covers a portion of the other MLSs cities / towns. For example, REcolorado has many more fields available than IRES and IRES has fields that REcolorado does not. In order to have both IRES and REcolorado on the client’s site, they must be an active member of both AND must be approved by each MLS separately. There is no blanket or automatic approval options. Clients who have both REcolorado and IRES will not be charged the additional MLS fee. Clients should contact their Sales Reps to add the extra MLS if needed.

Member Associations Covered by this MLS


Cities & Towns Covered by this MLS

Metro Denver Area
Including, but not limited to, Denver, Aurora, Castle Rock, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, and Westminster

IDX coverage questions? Please contact us for more info.