Carbutti and Co. Realtors LLC Selects iHomefinder’s IDX Solution

July 29, 2013

iHomefinder is pleased to announce that Carbutti and Co. Realtors LLC has selected iHomefinder IDX for their online marketing efforts. Carbutti and Co. Realtors is an independent, family-owned brokerage that believes in offering distinctive one-on-one service.  Serving the state of Connecticut, Jonathan Carbutti and his team have the insight, knowledge and tools to help their clients achieve their real estate goals whether they buying or selling in Connecticut.  Within iHomefinder’s IDX solution on their website, this brokerage offers premium MLS/IDX search for their clients and agents. iHomefinder has been an industry leader for over fourteen years offering secure and compliant IDX/MLS property search to realtors across the country. Showcasing Featured Listings and Open Homes data.

Carbutti and Co. Realtors will be able to provide their website visitors with complete and detailed IDX and MLS information and stay in constant contact with them.

Optima IDX will allow Carbutti and Co. Realtors to apply the Featured Listings tool across multiple agents. The feature listing page allows each agent to display their own listings and also the brokerage’s active listings.  Optima IDX will provide this feature for all agents in the brokerage and be able to display this information.  All the information contained in these pages will automatically update from MLS data. The brokerage will also have the opportunity to add previously sold and non-MLS listed properties to these pages, to further customize their website. They can also use Optima IDX to create a Top Picks page which will allow quick searches that showcase each agent’s specialties. Top Picks show visitors the listings they want to see quickly and easily.

Open Homes allows Carbbutti and Co. Realtors’ website visitors to search for Open Homes throughout the state of Connecticut, through two different options. Potential clients can either access this open house information through the main search form or they can access this information on a dedicated Open Homes Search page. Carbutti and Co. Realtors can further personalize each page by adding their logo and individual agent information to it. Clients will also have access to open home information through the Mobile IDX tools, available on any smartphone, with no app to install or updates to download.

Once Carbutti and Co. Realtors starts turning their web site visitors into leads and clients, agents can easily keep tract of information using Optima IDX’s Lead Management System. Carbutti and Co. Realtors will be able to customize all their communications with their leads, by following their search activities from the control panel. Carbutti and Co. Realtors will be able to see all searches conducted, properties viewed by their website visitors, click throughs and much more information. By making each visitors experience individualized, agents will be able to turn more visitors into new clients. Carbutti and Co. Realtors will also be able to take advantage of Lead Routing. The brokerage will have the ability to configure how leads on their website are routed to individual agents or the brokerage can elect assign them manually. An example would be to have assignments given to individual agents based on geographical location or languages spoken.

In the real estate world, where time and accuracy are of the essence, more prospects and clients are turning to the internet to conduct their real estate searches. By choosing to add Optima IDX solutions to their website tools, Carbutti and Co. Realtors are investing in their brokerage’s future by meeting its clients and agents needs for an accurate and fast IDX and MLS search experience.  Clients will be able to take advantage of these IDX solutions from any computer or mobile at any time.

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