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iHomefinder Releases New Interactive Map Search Tool

Consumers can now more easily discover relevant properties on real estate websites

Berkeley, Calif. (April 6, 2009) — iHomefinder is proud to announce the latest advance in property search for real estate websites. Our new interactive Map Search tool offers consumers a new and easy way to find properties of interest to them. By beginning the search on the map itself, consumers can easily locate the specific area where they want to search, and discover listings they might not otherwise find when a search is limited to a specific city or zip code.

Click here to see a live demo of the Map Search.

Map Search goes beyond simply showing the results of a regular, form-based search on a map. The location of a property is critical, and consumers want easy access to this information. By seeing an entire area with all listings displayed, consumers can navigate on the map and explore multiple areas at once. This is especially useful for people who are relocating or wanting to live near a specific attraction like a waterfront, park, or commuting hub.

This new search tool is a valuable addition to any real estate website. By offering an alternative to a regular form-based search, agents and brokers can create a more compelling online presence. Consumers using Map Search will discover interesting properties more quickly and in greater numbers, increasing the likelihood that they’ll contact an agent or broker and become a valuable new customer.

“Interactive maps are becoming a critical piece of any real estate website,” said Alon Chaver, CEO of iHomefinder. “I’ve been observing online real estate technology for years, and mapping technologies can finally offer a responsive consumer experience.”

Many other map-based products on the market struggle with usability and performance. iHomefinder has carefully developed a Map Search tool that addresses these issues. Our designers have focused on a user experience that is clear and intuitive, with a user interface that is visually appealing. Our engineers have optimized the product for speed and reliability, and work to continually improve responsiveness. With these key elements in place, we’ve created a tool that delivers accurate, up-to-date listing results so that consumers are quickly engaged and encouraged to stay on the website.

Any client who is currently using iHomefinder’s latest IDX system can add the interactive Map Search tool to his or her website. Enabling the new feature is easy and does not require any updates to the website design or branding. Map Search is an extension of our Version 7 IDX platform, which includes new templates for all our tools and enhanced lead capture.

A free trial of the Map Search tool is available for the next 60 days. Clients interested in trying the new search tool can enable it today. During the free trial, clients can use the tool without any restrictions.

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About iHomefinder, Inc.
iHomefinder Inc. is a leading national provider of hosted online property search technology, serving thousands of real estate brokerages and real estate professionals in every major U.S. market. Using the IDX standard, iHomefinder displays timely and accurate MLS content in full compliance with the local rules of over 150 MLSs. iHomefinder also provides MLS licensing, compliance and technology services to hundreds of web design and online marketing companies, as well as brokerages, technology vendors, Associations, and MLSs. Privately held and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1997, iHomefinder maintains collaborative relationships with hundreds of innovative companies serving the real estate industry. Learn more at

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