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iHomefinder Launches Responsive IDX for Custom Websites

Responsive Optima IDX is MLS Search For All Designs and Devices

Berkeley, CA November 21, 2014 – iHomefinder, a leading provider of IDX solutions for real estate agents and brokerages, announced today that with the release of the responsive version of Optima IDX, all of its products are now fully responsive.

With the rapid growth of mobile real estate searches, real estate professionals have scrambled to meet consumer demand for mobile-friendly IDX content. Initially, web designers created separate mobile versions of real estate websites. This evolved to responsive website designs which serve content based on the consumer’s device type, be it a smart phone, tablet, or a personal computer. For the 50% of today’s buyers searching for homes on mobile devices (source: NAR), agents serving content responsively are well-positioned to offer a better user experience and decrease costs.

The new, responsive version of Optima IDX maintains all of the existing functionality while adding responsive functionality that benefits the consumer’s search experience. Optima IDX provides dynamic, indexable IDX content directly on an agent or broker’s site, with or without framing. The responsive version of Optima IDX will further contribute to SEO by keeping mobile traffic on an agent or broker’s site, instead of redirecting to a mobile-only site.

“iHomefinder’s responsive IDX is perfect for agents with responsive sites, which is the growing trend in real estate web design”, said Dana Ehrenkrantz, CEO of iHomefinder affiliate partner, Market Me. “As a web designer, it has made my job easier to implement and gives me time to focus on more important tasks. iHomefinder’s responsive products eliminate the need for a separate mobile site, which in the long run can save an agent money.”

“For agents and brokers, responsive design is a necessity, not just a trend,” said Brett DeSchepper, CEO of iHomefinder. “Aside from providing an SEO advantage, it simply makes sense to have one website that supports the consumer’s device of choice.”

To learn more about Optima IDX or our other responsive products, feel free to sign up for a free trial account.

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About iHomefinder, Inc.
iHomefinder is a leading provider of real estate search technology and websites. Using the Internet Data eXchange (IDX) standard, iHomefinder powers thousands of real estate websites and partners with hundreds of web designers. The company also maintains trusted relationships with over 200 Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) across the U.S. and Canada to provide licensed, accurate, and timely listing data. iHomefinder maintains a long-standing reputation for strict compliance with each MLS’s rules. In addition to serving real estate professionals, the firm provides technical compliance and consulting services to innovative Internet marketing firms who require licensed access to real estate listing data. Established in 1997, iHomefinder is privately held and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more at

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