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New Control Panel Preview

The Control Panel provided with iHomefinder IDX accounts is the hub and command center for the account. Here are just some of the important things it’s used for: Adjusting property search settings Managing leads and gaining insight into their activity Creating Markets (saved searches) for displaying throughout your site Configuring alerts for lead registrations Website […]

Building Effective Real Estate Community Pages

Most real estate professionals are familiar with the concept of community pages on real estate websites. With a single click into one of these pages, visitors can start exploring listings in a given community. Links to the pages are typically provided in the site navigation menus and/or provided on the home page, often with photos […]

Why Curb Appeal Matters

Many people think the phrase “curb appeal” came about recently, especially considering the recent popularity of home improvement TV shows. According to Google’s nGram service, mentioning of the phrase started in the 60’s and rapidly rose in use between the 80’s and today. We’ll refer to curb appeal here as those things that attract or […]

Introduction to iHomefinder Marketing Automation

Immediate follow-up with every new lead is critical for your bottom line, as discussed in our article Real Estate Follow-Up and Business Growth. Studies cited in that article point out that most agents and brokers are missing opportunities and leaving money on the table due to their follow-up practices. Better, Smarter Follow-Up iHomefinder’s Marketing Automation […]

IDX Integration for Websites

If you’re a web developer who is new to building real estate websites with IDX integration, this article is for you! iHomefinder offers two types of accounts for IDX integration with websites – one option is made for WordPress websites and includes a WordPress plugin called Optima Express. The other option is for non-WordPress websites, […]

Buying a Condo Just Got Easier

Have you ever considered buying a condo and explored your loan options? If so, you may have first-hand experience with the restrictions on Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans for condos. These loans are particularly appealing to first-time buyers because they require a 3.5 percent down payment and have loose credit requirements than conventional loans. Unfortunately, […]