Get Your Free eBook – IDX vs. VOW: Change is Coming to New York

The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) recently voted to implement Internet Data Exchange (IDX) as part of its listing service, effectively changing the face of the real estate market in New York.

Are you ready for the change?

Incorporating IDX into your website creates an opportunity to deliver a cutting-edge solution that consumers expect when they begin their search for a home. However, it is a big change from the Virtual Office Website (VOW) systems that have been so prevalent in New York, and our new eBook, IDX vs. VOW: Change is Coming to New York, delves the ins and outs of this system and why the change is happening.

In this book we’ll cover:IDX vs VOW

  • How IDX address consumer expectations in today’s real estate environment
  • A comparison of IDX and VOW
  • A look at why the industry in shifting away from VOW in favor of IDX
  • How IDX attracts and engages more consumers online
  • The situation in New York and whether IDX will take off there
  • How you can start offering effective search tools through IDX on your own website and compete in a competitive industry

Consumers have very high expectations when they visit a real estate website, and they don’t want to deal with a complex design that locks property listings behind a registration requirement.

Today’s homebuyers want to have quick access to detailed, updated, and correct information about the homes in their area. Local real estate agents and brokerages are uniquely positioned to provide this information through IDX listings and tools. Now you can really start nurturing your leads and converting them from casual home browser to serious homebuyer.

New York is the largest real estate market in the country, filled with a lot of opportunities, and the adoption of IDX is going to change a lot of things. Download your free eBook today and make sure you’re ready for what’s coming.


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