iHomefinder Optima Express Brokerage: WordPress IDX for Brokers

It’s a great day for brokers! Optima Express Brokerage, iHomefinder’s IDX WordPress plug-in for brokers, is now available. Now the powerful search and SEO of Optima Express is combined with broker-specific features that will turn WordPress sites into lead-generating office solutions.

Optima Express Brokerage includes all the features of Optima Express Power, with the addition of Agent and Office rosters and pages, Lead Routing and Management and more. Learn more about Optima Express broker features.

Unique to the Brokerage package is the ability add Property Galleries of an office or agent’s Featured Listings to pages or posts within a WordPress site. It’s simple to use the iHomefinder-provided Office and Agent Bio pages on your site, but if you choose to build your own, you can easily add current Featured Listings: just click the icon to add a Property Gallery from the text editor menu, select Office or Agent Listings, and then choose the specific agent or office from the dropdown menu. The agent or office’s current Featured Properties will display on that page.

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