Responsive IDX for WordPress – Search Widgets & Shortcodes

This week’s launch of Responsive Optima Express is complete, and with new signups and sites launching every day, here’s a guide to the Search shortcodes and widgets included with this great new version.

The new Quick Search widget & shortcode offers three layout styles. Here’s what  the two-line version looks like:



Also available in horizontal and vertical styles, there’s a search for any spot on your site. Learn how to add a quick search widget or a quick search shortcode to your site.

Other options for search widgets are the Listing ID and Search By Address widget. Add these to the sidebar of your search page and offer site visitors multiple ways to find the properties they’re looking for.



Or learn how to add Listing ID Search and Address Search shortcodes to your site. These can be paired with the shortcode version of the basic search page.

Finally, the new Map Search widget (available with Power and Broker packages) offers great-looking map-based search – now with the ability to center by address. No need to enter latitude and longitude, this responsive widget will fill the page and center on the address you enter. Learn about configuring the new map search widget.


Map Search shortcode

We can’t mention shortcodes without pointing out the amazing new Shortcode Selector that now appears in the text editor on all Page & Post editing screens. This little icon does wonders when you click it – select and configure any shortcode in the form that presents and it will be inserted into your page or post.


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