IDX Coverage

South Florida and Southeast Florida

  • IDX for specific areas in the South Florida and Southeast Florida region is available from the associations and Real Estate Board MLS® Systems listed below.
  • Each MLS® System provides a separate IDX data feed, available only to active and approved association members.
    • Exceptions:
      • MIAMI IDX (including Jupiter) is available for members of other Florida associations. Please see the MIAMI information page (link below) for details.
      • Beaches and GFLR data is available for members of both Beaches and GFLR upon request. Please see those pages (links below) for details.
  • A combined IDX display (for consumers to view all IDX properties from throughout the region) is only possible if a client and their broker is a member of all of the associations/MLS® Systems below.
  • Data sharing among MLS® Systems might be in place in some areas, however, this is only for agents and brokers, not for IDX websites for consumer displays.
  • Please select the name of your individual association or MLS® System when signing up for our IDX solution, or contact us with any questions.


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