Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

2. Next Steps For Success

Lead Management

Adding a lead

With your MLS approval and site setup underway, now is the time to learn the basics of lead management in your account.

We’ll start with how you can add a lead manually. While your site is optimized for lead capture and a bulk lead import is available, you’ll sometimes need to enter leads directly in the CRM/Control Panel.

Go to your Lead List and click Add New, then enter your own name, email and other information into the form, and save. Congratulations! You know how to manually add leads to your account.

Adding a lead window

Lead Nurturing

Optima Leads

Agent mobile app

Optima Leads screenshots

An important tool for lead management is Optima Leads – our app for agents that allows you to work your leads from anywhere. Add, view, and edit leads, and manage their campaign subscriptions all from your mobile device.

Download Optima Leads

Included with all plans

Available on the App Store
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Not available for use by members of REIN and Maine MLSs