Trial Guide

Have a new paid account? See our Quick Start Guide >

Trial Guide

Have a new paid account? See our Quick Start Guide >

1. Basic Setup

Website Integration

Skip this step if you have a website plan

iHomefinder IDX works on all websites, no iframes or subdomains needed. The process to add our service to your site depends on your website platform – choose yours below to see how.

Select your site type for platform-specific instructions

TIP: The base URL you provide is used for authentication and for inter-page links, as well as links in listing alerts and other communications. If the URL provided does not exactly match the URL where the page script is added (including http or https), your IDX will not display.

Add Widgets/Shortcodes

iHomefinder makes it easy to enhance your homepage and custom pages with listing content and lead capture forms.

To get started, we recommend launching your site with the following on your homepage:

  • Quick Search
  • Featured Listings Slider
  • Sell My Home widget

Here’s how to add them:


Use the shortcode selector in your WordPress dashboard to configure your shortcode, then add it to a page. Here’s how.


Select any iHomefinder element, and go to Settings > Add-Ons. From there, choose the widget you wish to add, as well as the page you’d like it added to. Some widgets can be further customized within Settings.

Wix widget screenshot

Squarespace And Other Websites

You will find the Widget Builder (shown below) in your iHomefinder Control Panel. Go to Setup > Website > Widgets

Learn more about the types of widget available.

Widget Builder screenshot

Select your desired widget type from the dropdown, select the required subfields that populate per widget type selected. Configure any optional fields if you wish to.

When you have completed configuring the widget, copy the Embed Code that presents and paste it into the body of your website page where you would like the widget to appear.

Account Configuration

The best way to get your iHomefinder account configured is to let us do it for you, free of charge!

Our paid accounts include our complimentary Setup Services and our team will do the following for you:

  • Add your logo and photo to your site and email branding
  • Customize your site button color
  • Create up to 10 Markets to highlight communities you serve
  • Modify your search center point and zoom level (Premium & Premium +CRM plans only)
  • Configure text & email follow-up campaigns (CRM plans only)
  • And much more!

Advanced Customization

Out of the box, your search and property details are already looking great – but if you have something special in mind, you can customize iHomefinder in so many ways.

Use your Control Panel to customize the display:

Designers and developers with something special in mind: You can modify the CSS directly to create a custom looks:

  • Non-WordPress sites – add CSS in the Control Panel
  • WordPress sites, access this from WordPress Dashboard >Optima Express > Configuration