101 Things For Real Estate Agents To Blog About

The Power and Brokerage versions of our Optima IDX and iSite website accounts include a blog page. We make it very easy to take advantage of all the benefits that come with providing a blog on your site. A blog can can dramatically improve the ranking of your site in search engines. Whether you’re new to blogging or short on inspiration, this list of 101 topics to blog about will help you produce post after post!

1.    Your listings! Our blog page will automatically create a post for each of your new listings, including a picture, listing information, and a link to view the property details on your website. Since it’s a blog post that you can edit, you can also add any supplemental information you may want to share.

2.    An upcoming community event

3.    Local market trends & statistics

4.    Top restaurants in your town

5.    Advice on buying short sales and foreclosures

6.    The value of staging – show before and after photos!

7.    Staging ideas

8.    School district news

9.    Tips for online home search using your website

10.    The best playgrounds in your area

11.    Members of your team – introduce them and the value they bring to your team

12.    A local news article

13.    Questions homebuyers should ask before they make an offer

14.    Museums in your area

15.    Fun local activities for kids

16.    Adult education opportunities in your area

17.    Advice on what to do before putting your house on the market

18.    The pros and cons of buying a fixer upper

19.    Architectural highlights in your area

20.    Dog parks in your area

21.    Historical landmarks in your area

22.    Advice for first time homebuyers

23.    A travel article about your area

24.    The history of your town

25.    Your local library

26.    Festivals and fairs in your area

27.    Local trails for hiking/biking/walking

28.    A news article about the real estate market in your area

29.    Open houses

30.    A visit to your local Farmers’ Market

31.    Volunteer opportunities in your town

32.    Healthcare in your town

33.    Local sports teams

34.    A local artist

35.    How to use your mobile site

36.    Tax credit information for homebuyers

37.    Home improvements and remodeling

38.    Hidden treasures in your town

39.    Accolades received by your town or schools

40.    Things potential homebuyers should know about financing

41.    Testimonials from clients

42.    Local parks

43.    Seasonal activities in your area

44.    Tips on what to look for when touring a property

45.    Common misconceptions about the homebuying/selling process

46.    Green homebuying/remodeling tips and resources

47.    Top reasons why listing with an agent is better than FSBO

48.    How a homebuyer should determine their price range

49.    Renting vs. buying

50.    What to expect from the negotiating process

51.    What to expect from the closing process

52.    Ways to increase the value of a home

53.    How to find the right agent

54.    A curb appeal checklist for sellers

55.    An up-and-coming neighborhood in your area

56.    How to stay on top of new listings with email updates

57.    Recommended resources for helping to manage your credit

58.    How to contest your property taxes (based on an incorrect assessment)

59.    Building an addition – what to keep in mind

60.    Decorating resources (local stores, decorators, etc.)

61.    Mortgage resources (lenders you recommend)

62.    Why getting a pre-approval is a good idea

63.    How to prepare before speaking to a lender and/or applying for a loan

64.    An interesting local business (and send them a copy of the post).

65.    Go through your email: is there a question or comment from one of your clients that can be made into a post?

66.    Conversations with other agents can be a source of great content (e.g. trends or challenges you are seeing in the market)

67.    Take an interesting picture of something local and write a post about it.

68.    Senior housing information

69.    Pet friendly housing

70.    A closing – lessons learned that could be shared with others

71.    Important information about homeowners insurance

72.    An article or post directly from a homeowners’ insurance agent

73.    Gardening and landscaping ideas or issues

74.    City council information

75.    A new housing development

76.    Lofts or work-live space information

77.    Mortgage news

78.    Interest rate news or information

79.    Consumer hoaxes and scams

80.    First time home buyer programs

81.    Investment properties

82.    Home energy conservation

83.    Transportation & Parking

84.    Fair housing issues

85.    Weekend getaways

86.    Home owners associations

87.    Coffee shops/cafes

88.    Where to play golf locally

89.    Crime statistics in your area

90.    Home safety tips

91.    Environmental issues

92.    A client who was fun to work with

93.    Moving with pets

94.    Moving with children

95.    Over-priced homes

96.    Neighbor issues

97.    Day Care options in your area

98.    The final walk through

99.    Being an agent for Baby Boomers

100.  Being an agent for seniors

101.  Buying a second home

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