Top Socially Shared Real Estate Blogs – June 2015


One of the best ways to drive traffic to your site is by answering questions that people are asking. One way to do that is through blog posts.  Posting content on your site is a great value add to site visitors and can attract new visitors from the search engines. But we often see that when in a competitive space, like real estate, your content gets lost in a sea of blogs.

So how do you overcome that? One simple approach is by utilizing social media.

Social media has become a great tool for bloggers and site owners to help get their content in front of their audiences. Also, when producing content that is very “share-worthy”, you are essentially creating an army of marketers.

Below is a list of people who are using social media successfully.  If you are struggling with your blog, take a look at what they are doing and follow their lead.

In the comments below, tell us what you do to drive traffic to your blog. How long did it take you to gain a solid following? Do you use paid tactics? We would love to hear your ideas!

NumberTitle/PublisherAuthorFB SharesFB LikesFB CommentsTweetsLinkedInSharesGooglePlusPinterest PinsTotal Shares
1It’s a Catio, Daddio! Safe Outdoor Access for Frisky Felines – Zillow.comMelissa Allison20165751197617033133210081
2How To Budget for Home Renovations – Zillow.comVera Gibbons866273651043613502226
37 Exterior Home Improvements That Increase Resale Value – Rismedia.comHousecall78240816353155601031877
45 Ways Families Can Ease the Stress of Moving Day – Zillow.comCare.com334208654719931701611
5Before & After: 4 Millennials Rescue a Detroit Home From Decay – Zillow.comMelissa Allison165984117154451601481
6Keeping Pets Safe Around Plants – Zillow.comSteve Asbell431191194826327761469
7My Home Passed Inspection, So It’s Perfect, Right? – Zillow.comMary Boone2781571649812124501315
83 Strategic Moves for Competitive Home Buyers – Zillow.comBrendon Desimone339140731738311801304
9Game Changing New CFPB Regulations – Part 1: Who Chooses The Title Company Now? – GreatColoradoHomes.comAndrew Fortune2843112364211762011161
10Infographic: How Long Will Your Appliances Last? – Rismedia.comHousecall225180283526127501121
11The 5-Step Plan for Buying a Vacation Home – Zillow.comZillow Team27325183042097001115
124 Tips for Getting Value From Your Home Inspection – Zillow.comBrendon Desimone35616362592178501086
13Flower Gardening for Beginners – Zillow.comSteve Asbell2882869296747511029
14Landscaping Cheat Sheet: 4 Smart Timesavers for Your Yard and Garden – Zillow.comBobVila.com17810334128624101023
15Selling Your Home? How to Live in Staged Surroundings – Rismedia.comSuzanne De Vita42029315170704801016
16Would You Rather … Rent This or Buy That? – Zillow.comCatherine Sherman3031432228175560907
17Single Family Home Investing: An In-Depth Look at the Pros & Cons – BiggerPockets.comMatt Faircloth1321485308952180906
18Real Estate is Local Again – Zillow.comEmily Heffter1811652252197410838
19Making Your Kitchen the Best Seat in the House – Zillow.comKerrie Kelly2551041229148950832
20Take Steps Toward Financial Independence This 4th of July – Zillow.comVera Gibbons231822201196950807
21New Mortgage Disclosure Rules Arm Home Buyers With Information – Zillow.comZillow Team185496205285500780
22How to Find an A+ School Without Spending Too Many Gs on Housing – Zillow.comCatherine Sherman229904216187510777
23The Top 7 Laws Every Landlord Needs to Study – BiggerPockets.comLarry Alton1141124283402210774
245 Steps to Better Basement, Attic and Garage Storage – Zillow.comDorothy Breininger2591145194128610761
253 Extreme Home-Buying Tactics to Get the House You Want – Zillow.comBrendon Desimone197773238166590740
26Zillow’s New Adoption Benefits Help Bring Toddler Home – Zillow.comNatalie Wise60286498024740726
27Extra Fees That Could Add to the Cost of Your Move – Zillow.comMoving.Tips175411225182770701
28Living Large in Small Spaces: 10 Homes for Sale Under 500 Square Feet – Zillow.comMelissa Allison2451444620053130701
29What Does It REALLY Take to Build Wealth in Real Estate? The Answer May Surprise You… – BiggerPockets.comBen Leybovich88782261562071693
30Top 6 Summer Weekend Projects to Tackle – Rismedia.comAndrea Davis2501331012552840654
31Pick Your Favorite Party-Ready Pool – Zillow.comTali Wee2051112317186290625
32Should I Hire a General Contractor or Serve As My Own? – BiggerPockets.comKevin Perk57548254352130621
33Add Home Value with These Indoor Décor Ideas – Rismedia.comHousecall250143414253270619
34Contingencies: A Home Buyer’s BFF – Zillow.comBrendon Desimone177480165165551611
35You Could Spend More Than $9,000 Per Year in Hidden Costs & Maintenance Expenses – Zillow.comAlexa Fiander15711413174103400601
36Deep Underwater: More Than 930,000 Borrowers Owe Twice Their Homes’ Value – Zillow.comMelissa Allison1095310155222180567
37People Who Live in (These 10) Glass Houses Should Throw Parties – Zillow.comMelissa Allison1371123216249280520
38Boost Curb Appeal in a Day – Rismedia.comHousecall18898411555402502
39A ‘Golden’ Opportunity: Bea Arthur’s Estate Hits the Market for the First Time in Decades – Zillow.comMelissa Allison9512969809790479
40Top 7 Eco-Friendly Amenities for Your Home – Rismedia.comHousecall11296389361400476
414 Tips to Help Investors Survive in a Changing & Competitive Marketplace – BiggerPockets.comDave Van Horn7144029631101453
42LeBron vs. Klay: Whose Home Is the Slam Dunk? – Zillow.comMelissa Allison99164219444290451
43Maintenance Adds Surprise Costs to Homeownership – Zillow.comBrendon Desimone14135118655280446
44The Colors of Summer: Mixing Cool and Warm Tones – Zillow.comLindsay Jackman13742016662310438
4520 Cold, Hard Facts about Real Estate Short SalesLynn Pineda1350136881797428
46UPDATE: Jeremy Renner Sells Restored Hollywood Classic – Zillow.comMelissa Allison1053141044012101397
47Get the Vintage Americana Look for 4th of July and Beyond – Zillow.comLindsay Jackman14040113246360395
48Glam Geometric Patterns for Your Home Decor – Zillow.comLindsay Jackman8822015971370377
49If You Ever Hope to Reach Financial Freedom, Master This Concept – BiggerPockets.comAndrew Syrios69101947454100375
50Insuring Your Long-Distance Move – Zillow.comHomeInsurance.com11921013244350351


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