The Top 10 Socially Shared Real Estate Blog Posts (for May 2015)

Social media has become an indispensable tool for modern real estate professionals. It can connect you to potential homebuyers, alert you to new opportunities, and keep you plugged in to the developments in the industry.

So what is the industry talking about today? What is generating the most buzz?

We’ve used a special tool to gather some information and find the 10 articles and blog posts that have been shared the most across a variety of social networks. We ranked them by their total overall shares, which includes Facebook shares, Facebook likes, comments, Tweets, LinkedIn shares, Google +1s, and Pinterest pins. Some articles, obviously, do better than others on specific platforms, but rather than delve into that aspect, we are going to keep to the total numbers.

Check some of these out to get a feel for what is currently being shared the most.

  1. Buying a Home: The Real Deal on Repairing Your Credit

A credit score can have a huge impact on the home buying process. This article takes a look at how high a credit score needs to be, how credit is about more than just a high number, and how one might go about fixing a poor credit score.

  1. What Mortgage Lenders Look for When You Apply for a Loan

Getting into a dream home may require jumping through a few hoops with a lender. They look for some very specific things before providing the necessary financing, so it’s best to have a good idea what they’re looking for.

  1. How to Make the Most Money When You Sell Your House

The housing market can be difficult to predict, but everyone wants to get the most out of their homes when it’s time to make a sale. This article goes over several effective ways to get the most money when the house finally sells.

  1. 35 Real Estate Facts That Will Blow Your Freaking Mind

This blog post features 35 images and real estate facts in one extended list. Wonder what the price of the White House would be? Did you know the Las Vegas Strip is not technically in the city of Las Vegas? Check this one out for other similar facts.

  1. 6 Simple Spring Updates for Your Rental Property

As leases end, many owners and managers groan at the prospect of having to find new renters. A few simple updates to make the property more appealing can help. This blog takes a look as several simple options.

  1. Why Most Wannabe Investors Never Buy a Single Property (& How to be Different!)

A lot of people want to get into the real estate industry, taking classes and going to seminars, but few ever take that final step into the market. How can you take the plunge and be proactive about the process?

  1. 4 Methods to Selling a Home – Which Works Best?

Should someone sell a home on their own, or leave it to the professionals? How do you know if someone is professional enough? Finding the right way to sell a home can impact how well the process goes.

  1. The Top Six Tech Innovations in Real Estate

Technology changes everything. Many people will resist change, but as the tech innovations continue to affect the market, real estate agents and companies have found ways to adopt the best solutions. This blog covers of few of the game changers.

  1. Consider Investing in Older Houses Near Newer Homes

This article suggests that there are market factors that may create a lot of opportunities for buying, fixing, and selling older homes that are surrounded by larger and newer homes.

  1. “I Want to Create Passive Income, But I Don’t Know Where to Start” — Part I (& How to Be Different!)

We all work towards financial freedom, but for many, it seems too far out of reach. This article talks about creating a passive income and creating your dream life. Wouldn’t be nice to make money in your sleep?

What Are You Reading?

How do you find the articles that are most relevant to your business? Do you follow the same few blogs, or do you just try a Google search for a specific question?

Why not try checking out a few of these articles that are getting a lot of social attention and see if they have something in there that interests you?








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