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Real Estate Business App Benefits

It’s time to put the power of a business app for real estate in your pocket. Until recently, if you wanted to use your mobile devices to access your iHomefinder account to check in on lead activity, add a new lead, or contact a lead, you had to log in to your IDX Control Panel with the mobile browser on your device. This can be clunky and frustrating.

Now it’s possible to access important lead management features within your IDX Control Panel using Optima Leads, our free app for agents. After you log in once, you never have to log in again so your important lead management features are always at your fingertips for instant access – any time, any place.

Mobile apps are faster than mobile browsers since they’re built purposely for a phone or tablet to provide the best experience. Apps run on frameworks which can be 5 times faster than website technologies, so you can perform actions much faster. Apps also provide instant access to content by storing it locally so you can consume it quickly and seamlessly.

Mobile Business App Benefits


Apps also offer instant, non-intrusive notifications that you can control through preferences settings. Push notifications are received on your devices regardless if you open an app or not. In-App notifications are received when you open an application on your devices. Optima Leads delivers push notifications for certain events which you can control.

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Here’s a complete list of actions that currently trigger push notifications:

• A lead submits a contact request
• A lead requests more info on a listing
• A lead requests to schedule a showing
• A lead requests a valuation
• A lead saves a search
• A lead saves a listing
• A lead registers on your website
• A lead signs up to use the Property Organizer feature
• A lead signs up to receive Listings Reports to their email
• A lead signs up to receive Open Home Reports to their email
• A lead signs up to receive Market Reports to their email

We’ll offer more communication options in future updates to better connect you with different aspects of your account and business activities.

Lead Access

You don’t want a gate between you and your leads – they are the heart of your business, after all. If you are out on-the-go and without internet access, you can still access your leads’ information in your account since they’re stored locally in your app.

Entering Leads

Adding leads on your device is much easier in the app compared to logging into your account with a mobile browser. This saves you precious time while you’re on-the-go. Perhaps you’re at an open house event and you speak with a new lead and want to capture their information and your notes, you can quickly add them in the app or hand your device to them so they can enter it themselves. If you have Marketing Automation in your iHomefinder account, this new lead could automatically enter an email campaign you specify, such as a campaign specifically for new leads from the open house event or geographic location.


When you have down time while you’re out of the office, you can use your app to review all your leads’ activity on your website. You’ll gain insight into who is most engaged and what their listing interests are. And you can prepare for follow-up calls with your leads that are well-informed based on the insights you have from their search activity on your website.

Get The App

If you’re an iHomefinder client with an agent account, you can start using Optima Leads right now. Download it today!

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