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Boost Your Real Estate Marketing on Social Media

You may already know MarketBoost automates website and email reports for any saved search (“Market”) you create. This content includes active and sold listings, open homes, and market stats & insights. Why not take this content to your social channels where you can attract more followers and leads? And why not AUTOMATE this content in your social channels so you can focus on your business?

Social Automation

Social media management systems are easy to use and let you quickly author posts and publish them in one step to your social channels. You can even author posts when it’s convenient for you and schedule when the posts will publish. Sounds fancy and expensive, right? You can actually get started with some systems for under $30/month.

If you want to learn more, here’s an overview and comparison of popular social media management systems.

Social Automation + MarketBoost

MarketBoost content positions you as the market expert with a mix of content buyers and sellers won’t get anywhere else. Here are some ideas for automating this content to push to your social channels:

  • Schedule daily posts that link to the latest active listings, price changes, and sold listings. See example >
  • Schedule weekly posts before the weekend that link to Open Homes reports. See example >
  • Schedule monthly posts that link to Market Reports. See example >
  • Schedule posts at your chosen frequency that link to your Featured Listings. See example >

Manual Posts Work Too

Even if you decide against getting a social media management system right away, you can author and push your posts manually. It just takes more time and you won’t have scheduling options.

Need Help?

Our MarketBoost Setup Guide provides all the tutorials you need to create Markets so you can start driving traffic to them.

Want to learn more about MarketBoost? Contact us using the form on the right-hand side of this page or call 1-866-700-8855 x2.

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