How to Close More Real Estate Deals with Facebook Messenger

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You may have a powerful tool for closing more real estate deals right at your fingertips – and you may not even realize it.

Facebook’s Messenger app is an extremely popular way for users to connect. In fact, in the first 6 months of 2016, it was downloaded nearly 60 million times. It even crossed the 1-billion-download mark more than a year ago.

In other words, that’s a lot of people with access to – and a willingness to use – a simple and intuitive messaging app.

And where there are people, there is an opportunity for you to connect with them.

Facebook certainly understands this concept, which is why they recently launched a new ad feature which is still creating great new opportunities for those in the real estate business to start generating and closing more leads.

What Is the New Ad Feature?

This new feature for Facebook ads lets you use Messenger as the click’s destination, rather than traditional website content.

Why connect your ads to Messenger? Because Messenger combines a lot of the benefits of email, text messages, and social media all at once. And this, in turn, gives you the chance to generate leads that are a little warmer or a little more likely to take the next step through the sales funnel.

How Does It Work?

Consider the follow scenario. You’re already using Facebook ads to build awareness for your company. You’ve had some success making contact with Facebook users who are just starting to think about buying or selling a home.

When the first see your ad, they’re very likely still sitting somewhat comfortably at the top of the sales funnel. It’s hard to call them a lead at this point, because even if they clicked your ad, they’ll make it to your website, but they won’t necessary go any further than browsing some images.

This is a standard part of the process. At this point, you’re just trying to grab their attention. Facebook ads are particularly good for this since they make it so easy to segment your audience.

Now, the question is how to take them further than that initial landing page. How can you encourage them to take the next step and become a real lead?

What if you could do more than send them to a static landing page from the ad? Landing pages can be very effective when they’re designed correctly, but it’s hard to address everyone’s concerns with a single page.

By sending your potential leads to Messenger, you can create a far more personal experience and create an opportunity to discover their individual needs and how you can help them.

How Effective Is This Strategy?

Incorporating Messenger with your ad campaign can be an effective lead generator because, once you’ve earned their attention with a quality Facebook ad, you can now deliver an experience that is much more personal.

Does a personalized experience really matter that much at this point in the sales funnel?

The simple answer is: yes. It’s critical at this point because the biggest differentiator between you and your competition is, well, you. How will you work with them? Do you have the kind of knowledge that they need? Are you personable and friendly?

These are all questions that can be answered through Messenger. And this will help keep you top-of-mind when they are ready to take the next step toward buying a home.

When you can speak directly to your potential leads, you can get an immediate feel for their needs and show how you can address them. Some studies have shown that, as a result, you can get even expect much better responses to your follow-up outreach.

Combining Targeting and Engagement

Facebook ads have always provided an unmatched ability to target very specific audiences. Now, with this new feature that allows you to connect those ads to Messenger, you can take the opportunity to engage with your potential leads.

This will also make it easier to focus on generating quality leads rather than spending too much time trying to sort through all those website visitors who aren’t quite ready to move through the sales funnel.

You have a powerful lead generation tool right at your fingertips. By combining the precision targeting of Facebook and personalized engagement that’s possible with Messenger, you can see a real difference in your results.

How to Get Started with Facebook

Are you ready to test these waters yourself? There are a few steps to getting started, but they are all relatively straightforward.

You start by creating your ad.

The next step is to select your audience, when and where to run your ad, and define your objective, budget, and format (Carousel, Single Image, Single Video or Slideshow.)

Once you’ve chosen the Page you want to connect and the campaign name, you will be able to choose Messenger as the ad’s destination. You will also be able to choose a welcome message, so they will automatically receive a warm welcome. (You can get full details on the process here.)

It isn’t hard to get started with Facebook ads and Messenger, and there’s a great opportunity here to reach your clients in a more personalized way. If you’re looking for a new way to expand your reach, this may be the solution for you.

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