control panel redesign

New Control Panel Preview

The Control Panel provided with iHomefinder IDX accounts is the hub and command center for the account. Here are just some of the important things it’s used for:

  • Adjusting property search settings
  • Managing leads and gaining insight into their activity
  • Creating Markets (saved searches) for displaying throughout your site
  • Configuring alerts for lead registrations
  • Website integration features for non-WordPress accounts

New Improvements

We’ve been working on a new Control Panel to help agents, brokers, and their web developers work more efficiently in their iHomefinder accounts. We’re excited to provide this “sneak peek” preview before we make the new version available in iHomefinder accounts in the coming weeks. For more details and a walk-through of the new Control Panel, check out the webinar recording below. Here’s a quick list of some of the improvements.

  • Secure (https)
  • Updated look & feel
  • Redesigned Lead details
  • Easy, quick lead administration
  • Control Panel search

Watch the Webinar

Demo Highlights

    If you can’t watch the webinar right now, here are some highlights of what we showed:

    • New, easier navigation with icons and a link to the website associated with the IDX account.
    • The new Lead Search design has the same look and feel as our free app for agents, Optima Leads. You can quickly filter leads by active, inactive and deleted status.
    • The redesigned Lead details view puts everything you need for managing leads in a single screen. You can quickly understand a lead’s engagement level with emails and their property search activity.
    • Easily add leads to listing alert email subscriptions or email report subscriptions provided from MarketBoost Markets. Our Premium Search map search experience is provided in the Control Panel for all accounts, making this process faster for agents and brokers.
    • The new Control Panel search provides instant access to anything in your Control Panel. Just start typing in the search field to quickly access a lead, a Market or an email campaign if your account includes Marketing Automation.
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