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Property Search Optimized In Canada

Postal code is a popular property search option but it can be frustrating when it’s too detailed, returning too few results. For example, the last 3 characters in Canadian postal codes could differentiate buildings one block away from each other in major metropolitan areas.

Until now, the last 3 characters have been required in our default postal code search option in Canada. That has been changed so that the default postal code search will only require the first 3 characters. This will expose consumers to a greater number of relevant listings in postal code searches, which we think is an improved experience. In case you’re wondering, the geographical area covered by the first 3 characters is similar to the geographical area covered by a Zip code in the United States.

The last 3 characters can be very useful when needed, so we still offer it in our Advanced search options. Consumers can still use it for searches and the iHomefinder account holder can still create Markets (saved searches) using all 6 characters if they need to.

If you are an iHomefinder client or partner and have more questions about this change, please feel free to contact us for help.

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